Onewheel in heat?

  • Just ordered the XR courtesy of my recently passed Nana. (Left a little something to 'do something daft' with...)

    Currently live in Dubai and by the time it arrives should be hitting high 40's early 50's (110-130F for the Americans) during the day. Even in the early morning it'll be pretty spicy.

    Can see a few posts on cold weather advice but anything at the top end?


  • @Mzki On the Facebook Onewheel Riders group a similar question was asked this week:

    "Mason Ford April 30 at 6:59 PM

    Question. What are safe operating temps for one wheel? I’m asking more specifically about the hottest “safe” temp for the motor and battery. I live in Las Vegas and my motor got up to 113 and my battery about 101. Is this ok?

    Caleb Catron -- You're fine, we rode all summer last year here in Vegas

    Robert McCarry -- I run electric motors and similar batteries on RC. You have absolutely nothing to worry about until your getting over 200°F on the motor."

    and seven similar responses.

  • wow 130f the problem when ambient is over body temp is it feels like you are in a convection oven as you move through the heat, I'm in Arizona so 115 will soon be the norm heck it's 102 as I type this I expect to water down a hand towel for my head and t-shirt and let evaporation be my AC. I'm interested to know how you do keep us posted !

  • I'm also in southern Nevada. I try to avoid anything over110F. I mostly shift all of my riding time to early morning.
    But sometimes you just end up out there in the convection oven. It sucks, but it hasn't affected the board any.

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