Glitchy V1

  • Hello all I have a question for the smart peeps out there. For info I've got two V1's and a pint. This topic is per one of my V1's that I just bought recently.

    My one-wheel app will connect to one of my V1's and the Pint just fine. When I turn on the second V1 and then the app, the app appears to recognize it. The app shows the name of that particular board as it should. The app shows 00% and nothing on the app works. I took the board for a ride today for about three miles and still the app is in that frozen state.

    The board has already been glitchy. The other day when I rode it the app stayed at 100% battery until I hit about three and a half miles on the odo, then it finally started showing the battery percentage correctly. Is this possibly a controller issue? Anyway thank you in advance for any info.

  • @Senior-Coffee Since you have two Original Onewheels you could try swapping out the controller temporarily and see if the app issues happen with the suspect controller and the known good board. With my V1 I had an issue recently where the bms registered full charge with almost any level of charge and started giving me overcharge cut-out with almost any regeneration -- swapping out the battery/bms with one from a spare Plus I had solved the issue, the controller in that case was not the problem.

  • So out-of-the-blue the board today started reading the correct battery percentage so I'm going to wait before I dive into it and see if it was maybe just a temporary gremlin. Anybody that's dealt with electronics for any length of time knows that Gremlins do exist LOL.

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