Watching Action on the Leaderboards

  • @blkwalnutgrwr That's also another possible reason. We best keep an eye on it and see what happens.

  • @Lia -- Another name/handle change this week (and perhaps reflecting a new sponsorship) has been on the Plus mileage Leaderboard: chickenZIGGY is now @mattsheltz.

  • It finally happened, my streak didn't register and looks like I've fallen off. To say I'm gutted is an understatement. Checked the app just a while ago to find it didn't sync, it has now but after the midnight cutoff so I'm met with the "No Daystreak" message with my 3km quick roll around the town not counting.

    650 days was a good run I guess. Best of luck to everyone else keeping theirs alive.

  • @Lia Damn, so sorry to hear. I hope it recognizes your lifetime odometer change and corrects when it hits midnight in the U.S. I always expected you to be the one to pass my current streak with your knowledge and tenacity. You had a great run and should be proud of your accomplishment. If I wake tomorrow morning, day 808 will be dedicated to Lia/ComikzInk.

  • Thanks @HanahsDax , I’d like for it to update but I’ll accept my loss if not. Seen plenty lose their streak without getting on the board so I’m at least happy I got some time up on the top 5.

    Many thanks for the tribute to my streak, I appreciate the gesture. Keep up that streak of yours for me :)

  • @Lia -- Wow! One of the rarified few longest streaks achieved!

  • @Lia top 5 is out of this world. I'd be happy with top 100.

    I'd suggest celebrating the accomplishment with a nice long ride to remember it's not only for the leaderboard cred.

  • @Lia
    That is a real bummer on your lost streak...

  • Thanks for all the support, happy to be around others that share a similar attachment to the challenge that is keeping up a daystreak.

    Was considering taking a break after this with the weather being unusally horrible and lockdown limiting me to ride no further than within my small town. However I figured since I know I rode yesterday I'll keep going. Albeit my official streak ended; personally I'm still going and never stopped.

    Besides... gives me a new challenge to not only reach #1 but get back up there in the first place.
    ...Just this time I'll stare at the app till it registers the damn ride!

  • @stinkyface Agreed, I hope @Lia continues to ride everyday and takes a screenshot like I think she has been doing for awhile to document her progress.

    The day streak leaderboard is already inaccurate. I got my XR on June 19, 2018. I rode everyday while connecting to app and never made the day streak leaderboard even though my records said I should’ve been at number 1 after a few months.

    Out of frustration and attending an in-laws wedding on September 28, 2018 I didn’t ride that day, the only day I haven’t rode my XR since ownership. I woke up the next day and was pissed off at myself for not riding, I had my board just chose not to, believing I would never get on the leaderboard. My day streak record should be at 843 not 808. For some weird reason the app decided my streak began on November 3, 2018 while we were on a vacation/road trip from Colorado to Las Vegas and California.Not sure why.

    I’ve earn the respect from fellow riders who I share the same respect for and to me that’s more important than any FM recognition. “When we were kids, belonging felt good. But having respect. That feels even better.”

  • @HanahsDax Learnt to keep screenies early on although I only started doing daily ones a bit later. Always fun to look back on them, see the names that were on there and enjoy the pics and vids I took along the way.

    Interesting quirk of the leaderboard you noticed, wonder if those were early teething problems that the previous gen boards had too? I've noticed a few issues too which are still occurring today.

    • If you ride more than 16km but don't have the app open then later sync the app it will always say you rode no more than 16km on the daystreak's mileage counter. If you have the app open while riding it doesn't do this. Oddly enough the mileage leaderboard counter doesn't have this same issue. This loss isn't later added back on so if you ride 16Km+ without syncing that counter begins to slip. I think my previous streak was a few hundred out before I noticed.
    • Also on 60km+ rides the main page's trip odometer resets at a certain point even while riding. Can't remember the exact number but it's around 60-70Km. Watched it do it when testing my big 16Ah VNR battery and was extremely confused. Watched it do it again on another super long ride so it wasn't a one off.

    I like that saying, rings very true. Thankful for all the genuine and friendly people I've had the pleasure of sharing the same hobby and commitment with.

  • Here we are, Sunday again and looks like a lot has gone on in the prior week.
    So much so I've had to once again extend the daystreak area!
    2021 Week 04.png


    • Feels odd reporting on myself, Lia on the XR is a numpty and fell off #3. #4 and #5 move up a place and in turn BUHLL appears at #5 with a year and a half under their belt. Unless @Future-Motion come out with a new flagship board I can see the bar to entry on the XR being 2 years soon!
    • Plus rider Middle-Aged-Boy has ended their streak at #3 with all below moving up the ranks. Chuckb takes #5 with nearly half a year of riding daily.
    • V1.... where do I begin. #1 Bryanrapoza , #2 @blkwalnutgrwr , #4 davidteehee and #5 bridgetheckler have all ended their streak, leaving @HanahsDax to take up #1. Filling the void of positions we have #2 Robert 208 , #3 Wesley , #4 Moist_Pinecone and #5 davinmackay.


    • Zigon CBR on the XR continues their climb up the ranks now taking #5 from PASCH. At this rate it looks like they'll be at #2 in no time.
    • Another rider climbing the board is Natztera-Witzwheel over on the Pint who has overtaken Double J; taking #4.
    • Odd one on the Plus, OnewheelJefe has unlinked one of their boards being the one up at #1 however still holding their other Plus which has taken #4 after the positions all move up. All except NJacobs at #7 who was overtaken by MaddMikes at #6. At #10 we see Vunveel appear.

  • In the V1 Daystreak churn, 14 unique riders graced the chart this week -- and we also had a cool rider's reprise. In addition to the names on Lia's report above, five more riders came and went. Some are familiar names and some new:
    rickyrick54 which then changed to MM26
    and Stormflash.
    And then almost as soon as the week's tally was posted, davidteehee reappeared after having dropped off earlier -- making the same leaderboard twice in one week.
    This is certainly a most active daystreak board!

    And by the way, warm congratulations to HanahsDax for now holding two number one Leaderboard Daystreak positions simultaneously -- for the second time! Great work and dedication, David!

  • January is over, last Sunday of the month. Hope you're all doing well so far!
    2021 Week 05.png

    • Pint rider wheelking has departed #4 after their over year long streak making way for Morgankat to take #5.
    • V1 as expected sees more changes. Wesley at #3 and davinmackay #5 leave the leaderboard. Clorentz, a familiar face takes up #4 and Jimbo21 at #5.


    • Blue and Carpetface are battling it out still for #7 on the XR as Blue this week takes the spot. Yonhna Frisco TX has also updated their name to JimmyParman <3 RIP DFW. I couldn't find what this may be in reference too (I live under many rocks apparently) but I wish all the best regarding the nature of the name change. Jimmy Parman has passed away, done a bit more digging after being made aware.
    • Pint rider Natztera is just rocketing up the leaderboard, now at #3. When do we start placing bets on when they get to #1? Mattsplat has changed their name back again too.
    • On the Plus we see MaddMikes overtake grahelton1, trading #5 and #6.
    • EDIT: Can't believe I missed this one... @blkwalnutgrwr has unlinked their board on the V1. Being up top we see the everyone shoot up a position with Robert 208 re-appearing at #10

  • Hi @Lia -- If one blinks, one can miss intra-weekly exchanges on the V1 Daystreak. Although not quite as active as last week, the board displayed eleven distinct riders this week: Those on your chart above, and Todd, Luhrs41, BradSmith8184, and Andre Danforth. Enjoying the action, that is a board I like to watch closely. (Oh! And Jimbo21 rides in the UK.)

    A highly respected, seasoned rider and innovator that people looked up to -- active in his local community as well as the larger community -- took an unfortunate spill. The community is a little stunned.

  • @blkwalnutgrwr Oh did you just do it earlier? I logged the data around 5pm GMT and only got around to editing the image a bit later. Nevermind... apparently I was looking at the wrong page. Data captured was correct I must have been staring at last weeks D: Updated!

    I was worried it was something like that, may they rest in peace.

  • @Lia -- I unlinked a week ago Sunday night, joining FranKtheTank and mekegul -- although I may sometime return because that board is more securely waterproof for the spring rains. In the meantime I am chalking up snowy miles and winter days on my Plus.

  • @blkwalnutgrwr Just realised when checking my saved pages, Corrected the error!
    Look forward to seeing you back up there soon. Any plans for the board while it's waiting for it's return and where abouts are you sitting on the Plus?

  • @Lia -- On my Plus I am at #42 and #15 -- and holding. Thanks for your interest. And again, your charts present the action so clearly!

  • @blkwalnutgrwr Oh wow! I'm astonished by the commitment it must take to rack up that much distance and get them there.
    No problem, I'm really interested in the passion and lengths riders will go to with their board(s).

    Many thanks, I wish I was more observant and didn't make these silly mistakes though >.>

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