Watching Action on the Leaderboards

  • Hi @Lia -- Action on the V1 Daystreak continues with six more names beyond your chart, on and off during this week 6: Joberg8340, @kevinharpertime, Wesley, erikondecc, Wewe, and Reid Litster. Only three days of riding to gain entry to the V1 Daystreak Leaderboard in some cases this week! And another rider making the board two times in a single week! Thank goodness for stability at the top!

  • @blkwalnutgrwr I noticed Clorentz had fallen off and reclaimed #4 so had assumed there was plenty going on throughout the week. Pretty nice to see such a variety of names show up sprinkled in between a few regulars.

  • Lots of movement this week. Really making me put some effort into updating these >.>
    2021 Week 07.png


    • So looks like the V1 as usual has seen an almost complete new list of users show up. @HanahsDax still holding #1 with an odd twist showing below. Both riders Cosimosi and davidteehee are showing at #2. They appear to have the exact same mileage for the streak so has caused the leaderboard to put them at the same position, thus meaning this week #3 doesn't exist and instead has hafid on #4 and Robert 208 making a repeat apperance at #5.


    • Blue and PASCH are at it again swapping #6 and #7 on the XR
    • Pint rider Natztera as expected has shot up the board again now taking #2. Might be a few more weeks till they're floating up on Mattsplat's tail.
    • Plus has seen 2 riders unlink their board. Timmy at #2 and grahelton1 at #6. Everyone moves up with loyal.6666 and TMLS-L taking #9 and #10. MaddMikes has changed their name to MdubMsFMsellusparts!. I second that.
    • V1, not to be outdone by a change-around has seen 3 riders unlink. at #1, Budday Binko at #7 and tigermilktea at #8. Everyone moves up with kevinharpertime, hafid and Normanda appearing at #8, #9 and #10.

  • I don't usually do minor updates but a post over on reddit caught my eye.

    Caboozel has lost their streak at position #19 on the Pint after 244 days due to a board failure preventing them from charging the board. Hoping the repair is cheap, quick and they get back to their mission of continuing a streak.

  • @Lia
    So 90 days or so might get me into the 20 on the Pint which runs on pace with my current ~ 5 spots / 30 day advancement. Of coarse this is all given someone above me has an issue and did not log the Daily Mile... Hey that could be a great Onewheel blog..... "The Daily Mile"

  • Okay... I have an Idea to share soon. I also just captured

  • With a streak of ONE SINGLE DAY a V1 rider achieved entry onto the Daystreak Leaderboard!
    Screenshot taken at 11:54 am EST, February 16, 2021.

  • @blkwalnutgrwr Has it ever been just 4 places before?
    Curious if there has been a day where only 4 riders rode. Would be a sad day to see mind you.

  • @Lia -- Sputtering out! This is the first I have ever seen a Onewheel rider on the Leaderboard with a single day's ride. Two and three day streaks are pathetic, too -- although it is kind of fun, almost just owning a V1 can give a person a claim to fame.

  • @blkwalnutgrwr
    I agree and have thought about trying to buy my V1 back if possible. My only concern is the 500 watt motor that was a bit low on power for my 240 lbs.... ;-)

  • @LidPhones -- For great torque reserves on a V1 (or a Plus), parallel in an EGO battery -- the bigger the better.

  • @blkwalnutgrwr
    Absolutely agree. I have 50Ah (updated from 30Ah) of EGO on the ready for the Plus. I have been a fan of the ego machines for some years.

  • @LidPhones Part of me hopes you've tried wiring up all 30Ah to see how far you could get before you ran out of daylight.

  • @Lia
    I have a goal to do 250 plus (300 ideally) miles in a day this spring or likely summer. I should have my hot swapping Plus built out with a ego 2.5 inside and then two 5 or 7.5s on the fender mounts.

    In 2020 I did 100 miles in 24hours with an ego extender and factory internal on my XR (50% down time for charging)

    With all EGO and and a charging crew to follow me I should be done in say 21 hours....

  • @LidPhones That's nuts!!! Can't wait to hear how that goes. Would love to see you document the journey in a thread :)

    Pales in comparison to your setup and intentions but I've got a DIY 16Ah battery that I've managed about 60mi on in one go but plan one day to grab a hypercharger and attempt 120mi if my legs will survive. Not sure they will considering my footwear choice is far from ideal >.>

  • @LidPhones said in Watching Action on the Leaderboards:

    I have a goal to do 250 plus (300 ideally) miles in a day this spring or likely summer.
    With all EGO and and a charging crew to follow me I should be done in say 21 hours....

    WOW! Can't wait to hear about this amazing adventure. (My legs are weak just thinking of such mileage.) If you give us a heads up we'll be praying for your safety, strength and perseverance.

  • @LidPhones -- I am curious about your hot-swap technique. With my V1 I can hot-swap because I removed the onboard battery and BMS entirely, so the EGO is the only power. You have another option?

  • @blkwalnutgrwr
    My Zombied Plus still has an OEM battery and my plan is to modify the deck and battery compartment to allow for swapping a 2.5AH Ego in that area and then wire in parallel 7.5Ah and 5Ah on the fender (might make an aluminum version).

  • @LidPhones -- I will be very curious to see the fit of a 2.5 ah EGO in or on the tail of a Onewheel. If it is workable, I would be up for trying it.

    A word of caution, as you probably know, take care in the parallel hook-up. Adjusting the straps holding two EGO batteries to my fender, one battery fell out of its pronged connector, the prongs of which arced and shorted on my aluminum rail -- saved from major damage by the internal fuse of the EGO. But then I had to dismantle the EGO with the blown fuse and solder in a replacement.

    Now, using two EGO batteries I use friction-fit stays holding the connectors tightly in their respective batteries.

  • @blkwalnutgrwr
    Absolutely. I plan to use lock in battery connections on the EGO packs

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