Watching Action on the Leaderboards

  • @HanahsDax If you are feeling generous in about a month you might change your mind. Less than 500 miles behind the leader, FranKtheTank may take the OVERALL #1 spot in mileage soon. PASCH has been happily static for a week or more now, liking his pleasing 14,444. Might be exciting if he values his status and wakes up.

    Of course, if you were generous it would pull me up a little, too. My wife laughed when she learned that I am currently #7 in the wings of the V1 Daystreak. "How did you get up there so quick? Didn't you just drop off a couple weeks ago? -- Oh!!! I know, there is what... maybe only 20 riders on a V1?" And laughed with me when I kind of sheepishly nodded yes, that might be so.

    Personally, I love riding the V1 because it feels so much more alive than the the much smoother Plus (and I assume the XR). While riding the V1 I have to pay much more attention to the feel and the motor sound. One beautiful day recently with the board and myself riding together in great form, I noticed my top speed graced 22.2 mph -- way higher than anything I have done with the Plus. -- Please note, though, I would not even think of riding that fast without extra battery support.

    (Edit: Another note -- I also would not think of riding so fast without full safety gear, which for me includes shoulder armor, a hip pad, and even a tailbone pad, as well as a helmet, wrist guards, knee pads, and elbow pads. And I know they work because I have taken falls and have ridden away without even a bruise.)

  • It's entertaining to see on the Leaderboards riders playing with their handles. For example today on the Plus mileage leaderboard the rider in the #10 spot has the same handle as the one in the #1 spot. Does ONEWHEELJEFE really hold both places, or is someone teasing us? The Pint mileage board has all kinds of interactive messages in handles today -- personally I am glad I ride a V1 and a Plus. And then the new rider on the V1 Daystreak made me smile with 'ridersblock' as a handle. (puts me now at #6 there by the way.) I find geographical areas in the handle are useful for picturing where these riders ride -- mine is clear, Justin from Sarasota is clear, and Johnny Bell from Dallas/Fort Worth DFW is also clear. Others? Who knows?

  • @blkwalnutgrwr looking fwd to your thoughts on the Lukescheating conspiracy!

  • @stinkyface My thoughts? Already shared: "...personally I am glad I ride a V1 and a Plus."

  • An active day on the leaderboards, today. Dropping off the V1 Daystreak were 'Rodneycat' and 'ridersblock', making room for me -- 'S.Leon NE Ohio', and 'Wurman'. 'The1Moose' has been continuing his ascension up the XR mileage Leaderboard, passing by 'OnTheOne' recently, and coming up on 'Blue(^^)'. Big changes on the Pint mileage Leaderboard -- maybe someone could chime in here with an analysis -- I do not have a Pint and so have not watched closely. 'OneWheelJefe' is tied for eighth place at the moment with 'therealmatatat' on the Plus mileage Leaderboard. Likely from Arizona, judging from the rattlesnake icon and saguaro cactus icon by his handle, 'OneWheelJefe' holds two places on two separate Onewheels on the Plus mileage Leaderboard -- 1st and 8th, with 10577 miles and 6455 miles respectively for a combined total of 17032 miles! WOW!

    (Edit: By the way, too, 'mekekgul' from Spain relinked his board, claiming the #2 spot on the V1 mileage Leaderboard. The relinking bumped me and the rest of the V1 riders down one rightful place.)

  • In a pleasing turnaround for me '@floatfanatics' has joined the V1 Daystreak -- below me. For all my 5000 mile daystreak '@floatfanatics' had been above me on the Leaderboard, so for me this is a welcome change.

  • @blkwalnutgrwr the real question I have for you is when will you surpass me on day streak mileage? Wednesday, Thursday of this week?

  • Big news! FranKtheTank DIY on a V1 has just now taken the OVERALL #1 spot for mileage on one board! Congratulations Frank! (at 9:45am PST June 6, 2020)






  • @blkwalnutgrwr title of this reply is “OW Problems.”
    I’ve had a little cat and mouse chase with you surpassing me on miles for day streak which I thought was going to happen a week ago and not today. Amazing how many miles you can log so fast, especially on a V1. I realize you run range/battery extenders but still that’s awesome you are doing this on a V1. I’ve seriously considered letting it go for Frank and playing the V1 day streak leaderboard musical chairs. As previously stated, I’m gonna ride it so why not make it count.
    On the XR side, I also got another mileage race going on with the number 5 day streak leader Lia from the U.K. I’ve recently decided I am going to try to hit 3,000 miles before that rider does. I’ve been passed on miles before and there are plenty of riders who have more than me with less days but I ride some gnarly rugged single tracks in the summer and spend a lot of time in the winter practicing tricks in a garage. I have never been much of a high mileage rider. I always tell people who reach out to me that it doesn’t matter the quantity of days in a row or miles but the quality of them. As long as you are having fun riding whatever you enjoy that’s all that matters. Onewheel problems, first world problems but good problems to have and I feel blessed.

  • @HanahsDax Yes, ride that V1 and make it count! Your 'musical chairs' is a right-on description of the V1 daystreak -- many the same riders in various orders over the course of the year. I find it fun to set a goal to work toward, or to compete with other riders. You with Lia from the U.K., and me with Maxsimmmm from the Ukraine catching up.

    Like I have said, my mainstay is a paved rails-to-trails through woods and farm fields -- and pipe-like in that the snowmobiles dish it out and roughen it up in the center. The ride is heavenly smooth, relaxing, beautiful, and nearby. And while the entire trail is forty-some miles long one way, my favorite section is the seven or eight miles nearest the snowmobile club garage. My favorite weather in which to ride is cool, and even cold. The only advantage of hot, humid, and buggy weather is that I get the trail to myself -- the few bike riders and dog walkers stay home in their air-conditioning (and they generally do not come out in the cold weather either).

    Truly, be safe and have fun!

  • Three places on the Leaderboards for me, today! #5 Plus Daystreak & two #4s for V1!

  • @blkwalnutgrwr damn you’ve been putting some miles in on the Plus. Triple threat!

  • 'PASCH' got passed! Standing by his nice looking 14444 for weeks now, '@OnewheelWing' took advantage and passed 'PASCH' by for the #1 spot on the XR mileage Leaderboard. Too, '@OnewheelWing' now is not quite 200 miles behind 'FranKtheTank DIY' for overall mileage. Maybe he's motivated! -- but Frank can float like a rip tide, averaging more than 17.9 miles a day for the past 136 days.

    Johnny Bell, #3 XR, is hovering at another number he seems to like: 12,500 miles. Now he claims to be floating through the McDonald Islands. 'CaptianBuddy' reclaimed the #9 spot on the XR mileage Leaderboard, but 'The1Moose' has some solid 340 miles on him, and is beginning to challenge 'Blue (<>)' who is only 138 miles up.

    On the Plus mileage Leaderboard, 'Frankie mendiola' is a new name at #10. Other new names recently are 'andy64' at #5 on the Pint Daystreak, and '@loyal.6666' hailing from Chile at #4 on the Plus Daystreak.

  • Eight Onewheel riders now have logged over 10,000 miles on the Xr mileage Leaderboard! One on a Plus, and two on the V1 are also up there.

    An interesting new name on the Pint mileage Leaderboard at #10 is 'Some1youknow'.

    'FranKtheTank DIY' the overall mileage leader on a single Onewheel is soon to top 15,000 miles. Of course, with two boards on the Plus mileage Leaderboard 'OnewheelJefe' has logged a total of 17,276 miles as of this posting.

    'HanahsDax continues to tenaciously hold two #1 daystreak slots, and I, 'S.Leon NE Ohio', continue racking up miles on two Onewheels, showing on two daystreaks and a mileage board. Other riders continuing to hold more than one slot on the Leaderboards are 'FranKtheTank DIY' and 'OnewheelJefe'. Edit: Forgive me! My international apologies! Another rider holding more than one place on the Leaderboards is the rider from France, 'French Flag TiY-@-N Onewheel Earth' which is about as close as I can get in replicating their handle (because I am not sure of gender, not because of more than one rider).

    The main changes to the Leaderboards of late have been in the V1 and Plus #5 daystreak slots where there have been a number of turnovers. And the ante to enter the V1 Daystreak Leaderboard today is at a low 12 successive days of riding.

  • @blkwalnutgrwr Well Lia beat me to 3K on the XR. I took a good spill and also had my XR slam into the back of my leg a couple weeks ago and didn’t put much mileage in while recovering. Mattsplat has passed Bro-King Ole-Douger recently on the Pint mileage leaderboard. Bro-King’s Pint is Bro-Ken. He said it won’t take a charge. He reps the Pint leaderboard well and actually inspired my two 50+ mile adventures from a “PiNt-sized” 50 mile ride he posted. It’s great to see a mutual respect between the two as they are pointing to each other in their current handles.

  • @HanahsDax Not sure there is such a thing as a good spill. And it sounds like a big bruise from the XR on the back of your leg. Glad you are able to continue to ride and maintain your status! Thank you, too for commenting on the Pint Leaderboard -- please continue doing so as positions shift, change, or otherwise become worthy of interest. Riders inspire riders!

  • An even FIFTEEN THOUSAND miles for 'FranKtheTanK DIY'!

    Edit: Frank liked his impressive round number more than his #2 Daystreak -- let that slide off today. IMG_1583.jpeg

  • Celebrating 'Maksimmmmm' joining the V1 Daystreak. Already on the mileage Leaderboard, 'Maksimmmmm' now holds two Leaderboard positions. An interesting fact, though, is that this must be with a different Onewheel, or at least a different controller, because on the mileage Leaderboard the miles have not gone up for quite a few days.

    Edit: Eleven days in, whirlwind 'Maksimmmmm' is averaging 21 miles per day!

  • '@OneWheelWing' has passed 'FranKtheTanK'! and is now the OVERALL Onewheel leader in mileage. Is FranKtheTanK retiring? As a fellow rider of a V1 -- I hope not. But we will see. Hearty congratulations to '@OneWheelWing' on an XR!

  • 'Flihi' (likely a phonetic 'Fly High') of the United Kingdom, long #2 in the XR Daystreak, must have despaired of ever reaching the #1 slot, dropping off the XR Daystreak Leaderboard today after a very impressive streak of 527 days of riding. The XR daystreak riders all moved up, and we welcome 'Chazmo' to the XR Daystreak Leaderboard with an impressive and previously unseen streak of 452 days.

    All but the newest rider on the XR mileage Leaderboard now have over 10,000 Onewheel miles to their credit, and the freshest rider, at nearly 10,000 miles, claims a high pressure in the tire -- 'Burris@32psi' is the handle.

    'Mr. Keith' has reappeared on the Plus mileage Leaderboard after some time unlinked. I have interacted with him in this Onewheel Community Forum at some point in the past. Welcome back!

    The V1 Daystreak has had a fair number of turnovers lately, with perhaps a half dozen new names showing up/dropping off. This is the Leaderboard with the easiest entry point -- currently 15 days of riding. With eleven days now of riding my other V1 a mile or so each day, I am awaiting in the wings for one or more turnovers yet to come. To tell you the truth, I do not necessarily feel the need to reach #1 -- just to be represented and recognized as a serious rider is my goal. At one point the developer of the Community Edition App was playing with the idea of perhaps a new set of Leaderboards for the Onewheel community allowing wider participation.

    And that's the way it is -- the Onewheel Leaderboard news for July 7th, 2020.

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