Watching Action on the Leaderboards

  • @NotSure , surely we've all thought about doing exactly that (riding on a treadmill), right? Especially on bad weather days ... ?

  • @Lia , were these long distances part of the "Spring!" ride posted on Reddit? Those shoes, girl! How do you do it?

  • @HorsePlay Oh the ones from this post?
    I'm a bit in the dark when it comes to shoes, are they not known for comfort?
    Other than the seam on the inside rubbing they were good to me the whole weekend.

  • @Lia, Your photos are completely lovely ... especially the one at the bridge. Nicely done!

  • @HorsePlay Aww thanks :)

  • In a strange turn of events on the Leaderboards, no names or countries are showing this morning on my app -- only mileages and streak lengths! A temporary glitch?

  • @blkwalnutgrwr Might have been a glitch, I'm seeing them there in app and on the website currently. Very strange glitch.

  • Wasn't looking forward to this weeks chart. In honour of HanahsDax loosing their streak the Onewheel I put in the top banner is his XR this week. Here's hoping it gets rolling again soon!
    2021 Week 17.png

    • @HanahsDax has unfortunately lost their streak due to an unknown fault causing the board to not work. The streak standing at 2 years and 172 days is currently the longest standing daystreak which is an unimaginably impressive run. Who knows how far it could have been taken if this fault had never occurred!
      In usual fashion we see the other riders move up a position and here we see our newest member of the top 5 being Billet float.
    • Pint rider Morgankat has unfortunately also departed the top 5 and ending their year long streak. #4 and #5 are taken up by trappedinanelevator and Bslaw.
    • Still more updates, this time on the Plus with former #2 seandonn has stopped their streak. In their place FranKtheTanK climbs another rung as does OneWheelMobShop, CharlieB and the latest #5 being Maulin Marto.
    • What would a leaderboard update be without the V1. Ballagio and Robert 208 drop off the streak from positions #3 and #5. Hafid takes up #3 while the newest members Axel Foley and Andre Danforth sit on #4 and #5.


    • Very little happened this side of the leaderboard this week. On the Pint David has pinched #7 from Jaredzaz leaving them with #8.
    • For the V1 kevinharpertime who formerly sat at #10 has swapped places with J-Glide securing their spot a little better at #9.

  • 200th post on this thread!
    cr1tikal gif
    Enough of that, let's see what's been going on.
    2021 Week 18.png

    • Had to double check this since it's not often you see daystreaks change place. V1 riders Andre Danforth and Axel Foley have swapped #4 and #5. Looks like they both occupy the same streak but Andre Danforth has put some more mileage on their belt casing the leaderboard to reflect them as ahead of Axel Foley.


    • Plus rider MdubM has shot past Jeffrey Gerred, taking #4 from them in the process.
    • Hafid over on the V1 is on a mission. Only 2 months ago was he swept off the top10 but is now up to #7 after making good progress over the past few weeks.

  • Was dreading this one a few days ago but thankfully after the dust settled the leaderboards seem to have been mostly intact. 2021 Week 19.png

    • On the Pint Bslaw has lost their streak, possibly due to the server issues this week. In their place Dan 0 takes their spot at #5 while having a year+ long streak. Not sure the Pint, much like the XR is going to return to sub 1Y streaks on the top 5 at least until a new model comes out.
    • V1 see's a usual shuffle about with HanahsDax updating their name to reflect the streak they have managed with both the XR and V1. hafid and Axel Foley depart the top 5 with Andre Danforth moving up to #3 plus Ballagio and BradMch appearing at #4 and #5.


    • Nothing new other than reappearing at #3 on the V1. Everyone below moves down the list causing J-Glide to leave the top 10.

  • HanahsDax -- The count of total rider days that you show and share on your V1 Daystreak makes the movement of it feel alive and happening! Great technique!

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