Watching Action on the Leaderboards

  • HanahsDax -- The count of total rider days that you show and share on your V1 Daystreak makes the movement of it feel alive and happening! Great technique!

  • Crazy to think we're nearly halfway through the year. I still feel like I'm waiting for better weather to come round.
    2021 Week 20.png

    • So last week Pint rider Dan 0 took Bslaw's place at #5 however it looks like Bslaw didn't lose their streak but instead looks like both are streaking together with the same amount of days. Bslaw has more distance than Dan 0 so it looks like anytime Dan 0 registers their streak before Bslaw they take the spot.
    • V1 riders 801WHEEL and Ballagio have dropped their streak leaving behind #2 and #4. Axel Foley makes a return at #4 with Phil Chéplus coming in at #5 .


    • V1 rider EgaenotS has relinked their board having them re-appear at #7 which knocks everyone below down. kevinharpertime has in turn been pushed off the top 10 this week.

  • Been trying to take some time offline. Didn't want to miss a week though so I've returned to bless you all with another weekly leaderboard graphic because I know you all secretly love them ;)

    ( Apologies if I've missed anything that needed my attention while I've been away :( )
    2021 Week 21.png

    • We're nearing peak commitment again, only one change on the entire daystreak section this week. V1 rider Andre Danforth relieves #2 having everyone below move up with 801WHEEL re-appearing at #5.


    • Seeing a few riders appear in the top10 causing a reshuffle on all but the XR. Pint rider Carl Tire Sire jumps up into #9 knocking McFloaty down to #10 with Ksway19 being knocked off the top 10 entirely.
    • A familiar name; FranKtheTanK overtakes therealnatstat and takes #10 from them on the Plus whilst maintaining their daystreak at #2.
    • V1 rider andrew_mangel re-links their board taking up #4 this time. In doing so everyone below shifts down and bumps Robert 208 off the top10.

  • @Lia said in Watching Action on the Leaderboards:

    Been trying to take some time offline. Didn't want to miss a week though so I've returned to bless you all with another weekly leaderboard graphic because I know you all secretly love them ;)

    So glad for your time offline! And, thank you, yes, I look forward to your weekly Leaderboard update. :)

  • Hi @Lia -- Glad to see the weekly update! Exciting to me to see is the whirlwind, FranKtheTank, taking his place on the Plus mileage board. Besides this and his Plus Daystreak, Frank holds two places on the V1 mileage Leaderboard -- above first place with 15,000 miles on his original board, and current sixth with another V1 having logged 6703 miles on it. More than 28,233 miles total!

  • @blkwalnutgrwr It is nice to see familiar names appear on the leaderboard now and again. Frank's frequent re-appearance does make me wonder what those boards get up to when they're not linked up. Onewheel vacation maybe?

    I think I'm back properly now. 2 weeks and a few days off was nice, helped clear out the mind!
    This weeks changes are lacking but maybe that just means next week will be jam packed.
    2021 Week 22.png


    • V1 only updates again, Axel Foley has dropped their streak again at #3. New to #5 we see WildChild.


    • i2aul and Ole Douger have swapped spots with i2aul taking up #5 on the Pint.
    • After appearing on the V1 top10 last week andrew_mangel has changed their name to Sn2401.

  • @Lia -- Nice to see this week's Leaderboard Update. Maybe andrew_mangel is celebrating an early V1 serial number.

  • @blkwalnutgrwr Oh that is totally what that is, I can't believe I missed how obvious that was!
    2401 is pretty low down, I wonder what the lowest one publicly bought is (and not just handed out).

  • Interesting race for #10 going on on the V1 mileage Leaderboard: Yesterday, 'Robert206' overtook 'hafid' -- and now this morning '@kevinharpertime' overtook 'Robert206'. The three riders have jockeyed here before, as well as on the Daystreak Leaderboard. From interaction on another site I learned that 'Robert206' is a Pacific Northwest rider, '@kevinharpertime' is a Florida rider, and 'hafid' rides in Europe. It is fun to watch the scramble -- as I expect to see changes any moment.

    Edit: The rapid leap-frogging I expected did not occur. Hmmm...

    Edit: Now, a week later, 'hafid' has taken #10 back, so maybe we will see some more back-and-forth there.

    Edit, yet again: Thursday, June 10, 2021 'Robert206' has leap-frogged over 'hafid' to fill the #10 slot on the V1 mileage Leaderboard with 4492 miles.

    Another Edit: As of Saturday morning, June 12, '@kevinharpertime' has now leap-frogged over 'Robert206' by twenty miles. I am enjoying the neck-and-neck contest between the three.

  • Hope you all had a good weekend, as the sun sets here in the UK it's time for some updates.
    2021 Week 23.png

    • Only the one update on this side of the leaderboard. On the V1 WildChild has ended their streak and been replaced at #5 with Andre Danforth.


    • XR riders CaptainBuddy and PASCH have swapped places with CaptainBuddy taking #7 from them.
    • Over on the Pint Ksway19 has overtaken McFloaty, knocking them off the top10
    • V1 rider andrew_mangel has changed their name back from Sn2401. As @blkwalnutgrwr noted the other day there was a battle for #10 with kevinharpertime taking the spot as of this post.

  • Had my first jab followed by a long ride, very sleepy so apologies for the lack of energy D:

    2021 Week 24.png

    • V1 only updates again here, proud of all you committed riders! Andre_Danforth drops off the top 5 again, in their place Moa.ball appears at #5


    • XR rider SuperBarilaroKart overtakes stevie_wondaa and trades position #4 for #3
    • Jaredzaz unlink's their Pint, relinquishing #8 and allowing everyone below to move up a position meaning McFloaty re-appears after getting knocked off last week.
    • FranKtheTanK, clearly never satisfied without absolutely cranking the distance on their board's moves up from #10 on the Plus chart taking #9 from grshelton1.

    Ima go sleep now, worst case scenario I get the day off work ;P
    edit : I could barely function this morning. way too tired to string sentences together. Called it lol.

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