Watching Action on the Leaderboards

  • It's a bit odd, could be a number of reasons for it like they only just setup an account or got the board second hand with that monstrous mileage on the clock (albeit unlikely).

    Personally like to assume no ill intent but the idea of someone just utterly crushing the leaderboard without warning does make me giggle a little just from the absurdity alone.
    alt text

  • @blkwalnutgrwr - I’d like to imagine that some random furry character without a smart phone has been killing it, and then someone be like “You go how far every day?!?” and they get them connected to the app, and then blammo.

    But prolly not. 🤣

  • @hattifnatt I got some suspicious screenshots a few months ago of a rider clocking 7 miles in 10 minutes on several occasions. I hope the “leaderboard” isn’t turning into a “cheater board.”

  • @HanahsDax - I’m close enough to the leaderboard now that I hope to make a quick Hello World at some point soon, so that extra entry at no. 1 has me recalIbrating slightly. 🙄 I don’t sweat the micro-glitches, though. Sometimes that’s all it is - just a glitch.

  • Hmmm... I do notice that 'bentleyja' has not ridden any miles at all in the three days since appearing at the top of the Pint mileage Leaderboard.

  • And gone again... 'bentleyja' is no longer on the Pint Leaderboard for mileage this morning.

  • @blkwalnutgrwr I tried name searching them in the app and google but found nothing yesterday :(
    Sus.png Very sus!

  • @Lia “bentleyja” was very prominent in mentions of Premier League football players’ cars in posts written in Croatian. Totes a clue? 🤣

  • Usually making these is bittersweet for me, marks the end of a weekend...
    2021 Week 29.png

    • Jaxdashbolt has ended their streak after over 2 years of keeping it up. Big respect for anyone that makes it a year let alone 2. Everyone moves up and we see our newest member to the top 5 being Guvnor. I usually like to stay positive on these things and I'm biting my tongue a little with this but I do have to question that extremely low mileage for the course of the streak. I'll just leave it at that >.>
    • Over on the Plus @DaBehanwheel has updated their name to goneFishin. Hope you're having fun~


    • More Plus news, TiY has taken the top #1 spot, overtaking one of OnewheelJefe's boards. As @blkwalnutgrwr noted earlier in the week he's managed to seat hhimself inline with OnewheelJefe's other board, awaiting FranKtheTanK to join them at #5
    • As is tradition the V1 leaderboard likes to move aroudn a lot. This week mekegul and @blkwalnutgrwr rejoin the top spots at #1 and #2 respectively. In doing so everyone shifts down having us wave goodbye to Buddy BINKO and kevinharpertime for the time being.

    That's all for this week, got some other things to share in other threads but it's sooooo hot here in the UK right now and my brain is all melty. Might save it for tomorrow or much later.

  • Have you ever noticed that Egaenots currently #10 on the V1 mileage leaderboard is Stoneage spelled backwards?

    And @Lia, is that Caleb Catron's Onewheel stance on this week's banner?

  • @blkwalnutgrwr You're good at spotting these, seem so obvious once you point it out.

    As for the image I'm not entirely sure, I usually look through google images of new pics and see what might fit well in the banner. Sometimes I'll look for something specific and other times it'll be something eye catching.

    The last one was this image which appears to be taken by Neonstain but I can't find a reference to who is actually in the shots.

  • @Lia said in Watching Action on the Leaderboards:

    appears to be taken by Neonstain

    So cool. These photos have some powerful storytelling! I really enjoyed spending some time with them this morning. Thanks for posting the link!

  • Thought it was Saturday today. I need power cycling...
    2021 Week 30.png

    • Back to the V1 for our daystreak updates. Ballagio ends their streak at #5 again, in their place Alukth pops up.


    • Pint rider McFloaty has been overtaken and bumped off the top10. Taking the #10 spot is AnguaOfStockholm.
    • Back to the V1 again, andrew_mangel has edged ahead of, taking #5 from them.

    Figured I'd start crediting the banner photo's in case anyone wants to know where they come from. This week's one was from San Diego Onewheel.

  • @Lia said in Watching Action on the Leaderboards:

    This week's one was from San Diego Onewheel.

    Hmmm ... Jesse's feet?

    Edited to add: Where are you finding that the Leaderboard shows a banner photo?

  • @HorsePlay I usually just google "Onewheel" then in the tools option ask it to only show me images from at most 1 week ago. That way I lessen the chances of re-using the same image which I've nearly done a few times having done a few of these now :)

  • Oooooh! So you are creating that banner. Very cool. Thx!

    (I was going slightly nuts wondering what app/webpage you were capturing that included the banner and the 4-column format. I couldn't find that layout anywhere ... lol.)

  • Congratulations @hattifnatt a.k.a. AngusOfStockholm on reaching the top 10 mileage leaderboard on a Pint. Nice work!

  • @HanahsDax Haha, thanks! I love my Pint and I’ve always admired the dedication of the people on the leaderboards, so it feels really cool to join the group.

    Pint isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but I don’t have any kind of attitude - so I just keep on waving to little kids and old ladies wherever I ride, and just basically try to have a happy time whether I’m in the city, on country highways or forest trails. Float life. 🤙

  • @Lia Thanks, that was great! A couple days ago I decided to have onewheel_souvenirs create a tag for me. My intentions are to pass this tag on to the next rider who reaches 1000 days of riding in a row and have them pass it on to the next rider and so on. I can’t wait to see it in your hands one day.

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