Watching Action on the Leaderboards

  • Well there wasn't much action at the top of the leaderboard...BUT...those #8 and down have moved up a spot. I still can't believe I missed turning on the app yesterday during my ride but after 615 days in a row and #7 on the board I woke up to the dreaded NO DAYSTREAK message. Damn. Anyway, for this 61 year old guy it was quite a run and I've already logged my ride to climb back today so...congratulations to all of the streakers on the boards and keep riding!

  • One last I just might change that Vega that I have...or maybe I'll go for the original tire mileage record. Still looks pretty decent after 4100 miles....

  • @MrV6 Oh no I know that pain. So close to where I lost mine too (650 days).
    Sorry to hear it slipped by although good on you for picking up the torch and starting again. Like myself and a few others we're all keeping our own "unofficial" streaks alive so you're in good company :)

  • Although it is not likely to interest anyone but me, at the moment FranKtheTanK is twelve miles away from a three-way tie with me and Jeffrey Gerred for fourth place on the Plus Leaderboard for mileage. To get a screenshot when it happens I plan to monitor the Leaderboard every half hour to detect movement, and once I see he is riding, then every few minutes until he is a mile or two out, then constant monitoring.

  • @blkwalnutgrwr I like the sound of this, hoping you manage to do it!

    Trying to line things up sounds like a mighty task.
    alt text

  • @Lia -- Unpredictable Frank in the past has stopped for a day a mile or so short of where I want him to be, then breezed past with the tie lasting only as long as it took to ride the mile. Maybe, however, he is accommodating to the idea of a triple mileage tie as 12 miles is one of his standard run.

    Edit: Well, Frank rode 6 miles this morning in another of his regular runs -- possibly a commute. It means that I have to watch at closer time intervals to catch when he is moving again.

    Edit again: Another 3 miles that Frank logged means that I might miss the tie when it comes unless I stay right on top of the phone.

  • @blkwalnutgrwr Sounds promising if he's left space for a normal run. Got my fingers crossed for you :)

  • Oh, so sorry to read of the restart, @MrV6 ! #7, That is so amazing! And 4100 miles on the original tire? Wow!

    I can totally feel your disappointment on realizing that you'd forgotten to sync with the app. UGH! Glad you are already tracking your return towards the top ... isn't it fun for the first few months to see big number changes every day!?!

  • One moment FranKtheTanK is on the Leaderboard 3 miles back behind the two-way tie of me and Jeffrey Gerred, and the next moment I look and he is 11 miles ahead of us -- I am guessing that (perhaps aiming to avoid the three-way tie) Frank rode first, and afterward linked to the app. No screenshot thus available; I am glad I got one of the three-way tie at #5.

  • @blkwalnutgrwr You had me watching all day long. Bummer. I guess 3 way tie for third?

  • @HanahsDax -- Mike at #3 is a thousand miles ahead and, like Frank and me too, loves to ride his Onewheel! It'll be months to even touch his shadow. I'll take a break for a few days now, work on my board, and then I'll push ahead back into the race.

    Edit: Maybe with cooperation we could achieve a four-way tie at #2. There are about three thousand miles in which to arrange it.

  • @blkwalnutgrwr did you try reaching out to Frank via the cheesy PM/DM feature in the App? Very likely he is completely unaware.

  • @stinkyface -- I used my name space on the Leaderboard to communicate. Frank responded by changing the skull icon in his name space to a funnyface, then nixed my original suggestion of a three-way tie at #8 by bumping Nathan to #9 before I got there. Assuming the riders most likely to watch the Leaderboards are those on one, I am pretty sure Frank is more in favor of independent action than cooperative game play -- which is fine.

  • @blkwalnutgrwr clearly he is intimidated by your capability to deliver miles...

  • Bank holiday Monday tomorrow so completely nearly forgot it was Sunday today.
    2021 Week 35.png


    • So it looks like seandonn and gotafli are actually 2 seperate riders on the Plus occupying the #5 spot. When they're not holding #5 I can't tell if they've lost the streak or just behind so I'll assume if they're not there then it's no longer going... just in case.


    • Pint riders Ksway19 and SCOTTxGRAY have both jumped ahead a spot, taking #6 and #9 respectively while knocking David and Carl down to #7 and #10.
    • As mentioned a earlier in the thread FranKtheTanK has moved on up having missed the 3x 4th place between himself, Jeffrey and @blkwalnutgrwr who now currently maintains #4 with Frank at #5 and Jeffrey now sitting on #6.

    Banner image this week is from SUPrents. The full image looks like a great place to ride so I remommend taking a peak ;)

  • @HorsePlay Yes it is. Started at 7800 and have whittled it down to 722. I gave the tire a good look over and I think it'll be ready for the scrap heap around 4500 miles. I'm reasonably gentle on this thing and I do run stupid high tire pressure so there's that.

  • Nothing clever to say up here this week, I'm out of funny juice ;) You'll just have to put up with my ramblings instead.
    2021 Week 36.png


    • V1 rider BradMoh has ended their streak. Managed well over 100 days so it's a fair spot to take a rest especially as summer draws to a close (that hurt to type...). Up the ranks everyone goes as we see RetroLego appear at #5.


    • Pint updates, damn you're all active recently. Natztera re-appears on the board at #3 as does Ole Douger sending a variety of riders down the ranks and knocking Scott and Carl off the top10. Angus during the turmoil overtakes David who now sits tentatively at #10.
    • Plus rider chickenziggy unlinks their board causing therealmatatat to appear at #10 again.
    • Little update over on the V1 with kevinharpertime taking #8 from EgaenotS.

    Banner image was from this article posted earlier in the week from an online aircraft magazine. Cool to see other seemingly detached hobbies make a crossover every now and then.

  • Missed yesterday as I was out most of the day.
    I did however snag screenies of the leaderboard yesterday so worked off that today to make sure it's valid still :)
    2021 Week 37.png

    • Plus rider seandonn sweeps in and takes the #5 spot again having gotafli disappear again.
    • RetroLego, having only been up on the V1 top 5 briefly has lost their streak with aruuhii2yo taking their spot.


    • AngusOfStockholm overtook Ole Douger on the Pint, taking the #8 spot from them.
    • FranKtheTanK relinked their V1, appearing back at #7 and sending Buddy Binko off the top 10.

    Image is from a recent Burning Man event where Heather Feather can be seen carving on a folding chair mounted on a a very happy looking board.

  • @Lia said in Watching Action on the Leaderboards:

    Image is from a recent Burning Man event where Heather Feather can be seen carving on a folding chair mounted on a a very happy looking board.

    So I checked the linked article and cannot make out heads/tails of the photo's caption.
    Quote: "Heather Feather has dun as she curses seated on a Onewheel at "Renegade" Burning Man in Black Rock Desert near Gerlach, Nev. on Sept. 4, 2021"


    • "... has dun ..." ??
      Is this supposed to be "... has fun ..."??
    • "... as she curses seated ..."??
      Is this supposed to be "... as she cruises seated ... "?

    Is it just me? (Do I need another cuppa joe this morning?)

  • @HorsePlay You know what I read those while tired and they somehow made sense to me at the time. Reading them again I have no idea... Maybe whoever typed it was in the same sleep-deprived headspace lol.

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