Watching Action on the Leaderboards

  • One moment FranKtheTanK is on the Leaderboard 3 miles back behind the two-way tie of me and Jeffrey Gerred, and the next moment I look and he is 11 miles ahead of us -- I am guessing that (perhaps aiming to avoid the three-way tie) Frank rode first, and afterward linked to the app. No screenshot thus available; I am glad I got one of the three-way tie at #5.

  • @blkwalnutgrwr You had me watching all day long. Bummer. I guess 3 way tie for third?

  • @HanahsDax -- Mike at #3 is a thousand miles ahead and, like Frank and me too, loves to ride his Onewheel! It'll be months to even touch his shadow. I'll take a break for a few days now, work on my board, and then I'll push ahead back into the race.

    Edit: Maybe with cooperation we could achieve a four-way tie at #2. There are about three thousand miles in which to arrange it.

  • @blkwalnutgrwr did you try reaching out to Frank via the cheesy PM/DM feature in the App? Very likely he is completely unaware.

  • @stinkyface -- I used my name space on the Leaderboard to communicate. Frank responded by changing the skull icon in his name space to a funnyface, then nixed my original suggestion of a three-way tie at #8 by bumping Nathan to #9 before I got there. Assuming the riders most likely to watch the Leaderboards are those on one, I am pretty sure Frank is more in favor of independent action than cooperative game play -- which is fine.

  • @blkwalnutgrwr clearly he is intimidated by your capability to deliver miles...

  • Bank holiday Monday tomorrow so completely nearly forgot it was Sunday today.
    2021 Week 35.png


    • So it looks like seandonn and gotafli are actually 2 seperate riders on the Plus occupying the #5 spot. When they're not holding #5 I can't tell if they've lost the streak or just behind so I'll assume if they're not there then it's no longer going... just in case.


    • Pint riders Ksway19 and SCOTTxGRAY have both jumped ahead a spot, taking #6 and #9 respectively while knocking David and Carl down to #7 and #10.
    • As mentioned a earlier in the thread FranKtheTanK has moved on up having missed the 3x 4th place between himself, Jeffrey and @blkwalnutgrwr who now currently maintains #4 with Frank at #5 and Jeffrey now sitting on #6.

    Banner image this week is from SUPrents. The full image looks like a great place to ride so I remommend taking a peak ;)

  • @HorsePlay Yes it is. Started at 7800 and have whittled it down to 722. I gave the tire a good look over and I think it'll be ready for the scrap heap around 4500 miles. I'm reasonably gentle on this thing and I do run stupid high tire pressure so there's that.

  • Nothing clever to say up here this week, I'm out of funny juice ;) You'll just have to put up with my ramblings instead.
    2021 Week 36.png


    • V1 rider BradMoh has ended their streak. Managed well over 100 days so it's a fair spot to take a rest especially as summer draws to a close (that hurt to type...). Up the ranks everyone goes as we see RetroLego appear at #5.


    • Pint updates, damn you're all active recently. Natztera re-appears on the board at #3 as does Ole Douger sending a variety of riders down the ranks and knocking Scott and Carl off the top10. Angus during the turmoil overtakes David who now sits tentatively at #10.
    • Plus rider chickenziggy unlinks their board causing therealmatatat to appear at #10 again.
    • Little update over on the V1 with kevinharpertime taking #8 from EgaenotS.

    Banner image was from this article posted earlier in the week from an online aircraft magazine. Cool to see other seemingly detached hobbies make a crossover every now and then.

  • Missed yesterday as I was out most of the day.
    I did however snag screenies of the leaderboard yesterday so worked off that today to make sure it's valid still :)
    2021 Week 37.png

    • Plus rider seandonn sweeps in and takes the #5 spot again having gotafli disappear again.
    • RetroLego, having only been up on the V1 top 5 briefly has lost their streak with aruuhii2yo taking their spot.


    • AngusOfStockholm overtook Ole Douger on the Pint, taking the #8 spot from them.
    • FranKtheTanK relinked their V1, appearing back at #7 and sending Buddy Binko off the top 10.

    Image is from a recent Burning Man event where Heather Feather can be seen carving on a folding chair mounted on a a very happy looking board.

  • @Lia said in Watching Action on the Leaderboards:

    Image is from a recent Burning Man event where Heather Feather can be seen carving on a folding chair mounted on a a very happy looking board.

    So I checked the linked article and cannot make out heads/tails of the photo's caption.
    Quote: "Heather Feather has dun as she curses seated on a Onewheel at "Renegade" Burning Man in Black Rock Desert near Gerlach, Nev. on Sept. 4, 2021"


    • "... has dun ..." ??
      Is this supposed to be "... has fun ..."??
    • "... as she curses seated ..."??
      Is this supposed to be "... as she cruises seated ... "?

    Is it just me? (Do I need another cuppa joe this morning?)

  • @HorsePlay You know what I read those while tired and they somehow made sense to me at the time. Reading them again I have no idea... Maybe whoever typed it was in the same sleep-deprived headspace lol.

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