Watching Action on the Leaderboards

  • Celebrating 'Maksimmmmm' joining the V1 Daystreak. Already on the mileage Leaderboard, 'Maksimmmmm' now holds two Leaderboard positions. An interesting fact, though, is that this must be with a different Onewheel, or at least a different controller, because on the mileage Leaderboard the miles have not gone up for quite a few days.

    Edit: Eleven days in, whirlwind 'Maksimmmmm' is averaging 21 miles per day!

  • '@OneWheelWing' has passed 'FranKtheTanK'! and is now the OVERALL Onewheel leader in mileage. Is FranKtheTanK retiring? As a fellow rider of a V1 -- I hope not. But we will see. Hearty congratulations to '@OneWheelWing' on an XR!

  • 'Flihi' (likely a phonetic 'Fly High') of the United Kingdom, long #2 in the XR Daystreak, must have despaired of ever reaching the #1 slot, dropping off the XR Daystreak Leaderboard today after a very impressive streak of 527 days of riding. The XR daystreak riders all moved up, and we welcome 'Chazmo' to the XR Daystreak Leaderboard with an impressive and previously unseen streak of 452 days.

    All but the newest rider on the XR mileage Leaderboard now have over 10,000 Onewheel miles to their credit, and the freshest rider, at nearly 10,000 miles, claims a high pressure in the tire -- 'Burris@32psi' is the handle.

    'Mr. Keith' has reappeared on the Plus mileage Leaderboard after some time unlinked. I have interacted with him in this Onewheel Community Forum at some point in the past. Welcome back!

    The V1 Daystreak has had a fair number of turnovers lately, with perhaps a half dozen new names showing up/dropping off. This is the Leaderboard with the easiest entry point -- currently 15 days of riding. With eleven days now of riding my other V1 a mile or so each day, I am awaiting in the wings for one or more turnovers yet to come. To tell you the truth, I do not necessarily feel the need to reach #1 -- just to be represented and recognized as a serious rider is my goal. At one point the developer of the Community Edition App was playing with the idea of perhaps a new set of Leaderboards for the Onewheel community allowing wider participation.

    And that's the way it is -- the Onewheel Leaderboard news for July 7th, 2020.

  • 10,000 miles would be easier at 32PSI.

    XR streak riders #2 to #5 only have 17days between them. After a year and half persisting with this competitive folly, you would be pretty pissed about not starting a week or 2 sooner all that time ago. If @HanahsDax ever hangs up the wrist guards, it will be on for young and old.

    2 years would be an honourable measure to retire on? Mr Dax?

  • Sorry @HanahsDax for stealing the 3000mile marker, didn't realise I was coming up to it. Got my app set in KM.

    Looking back through my screenshots; if not for that 100KM VNR test ride I did the day before hitting 3000miles you'd have beaten me for sure.

    Sad to see my fellow UK leaderboard companion fall off #2.

  • @blkwalnutgrwr To be honest, I always feel bad and selfish when the number 2 drops off. I’m a pretty selfless person, once taking out a young college dude for beers and a cruise from a story he wrote how his Onewheel has helped him cope with the loss of his mother but wasn’t his best financial move. Another time sending a kid a month worth of his savings at minimum wage because he spent his $500 “Pint savings fund” on an engagement ring for his girl. I try to honor those whose streak have ended for one reason or another by pushing one more day. My streak will end one day, that is a guarantee.

  • @stinkyface I’ve always set small, obtainable goals. First was to hit 300 days, then one year. After that it was 1st to 400 in a row and I dropped a video as a celebration. 500 was the next goal set, followed by 600. Now it’s 700 and after that it will be the 2 year mark. If those goals are accomplished and my board is still operating, 1000 days will be the next step. The long-term ultimate/on-going goal is just to push the next ranking day streakers to their full potential.

  • @Lia Yeah it was a fun little personal challenge I had. Keep on repping your country!

  • One aspect of the Leaderboards I really enjoy is the international participation. The United Kingdom and France are both represented on Daystreaks, and the V1 mileage Leaderboard has the most international flavor with seven countries currently represented: the United States, Spain, Austria, the Ukraine, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, the Philippines -- and an eighth, Canada, in spot #11. The XR mileage Leaderboard has the Netherlands, and the Plus mileage Leaderboard has France. The only lists with riders solely from the United States are the Pint Leaderboards. States identified in the riders' handles include one in Ohio, one in Texas, and two in Florida -- although Colorado, (edit to add: Arizona or New Mexico), and Hawaii are certainly also represented. Any riders on the Leaderboards ready to chime in here with your state, or locale?

  • @blkwalnutgrwr this leaderboard is broken....


  • 'PASCH' -- holding steady in the XR mileage Leaderboard for a long while at 14444 miles -- unlinked! And all XR riders moved up a notch. Temporary hiatus for 'PASCH'? Who knows?

    @stinkyface -- Interesting how the Leaderboard glitch represented by your previous post seems only to happen to the V1 mileage Leaderboard. I have a couple screenshots when the top five riders are each doubled, but I had not seen the top three riders tripled!

  • Ach!!! Neglected to connect to the app yesterday and tumbled off the Daystreak with my Plus. The 'expires at midnight' can't be seen for a second or third Onewheel.

    So anyway, welcome to the Plus Daystreak 'nyte.ryda' of Canada -- after seventy six days in the wings!

  • @blkwalnutgrwr Bummer, you were racking up some serious miles on the + and I was looking forward to seeing you have 4 spots on the leaderboard.

  • @Lia -- I enjoyed watching your post of 'Onewheel Montage 1'!

  • Thankies @blkwalnutgrwr :)
    Glad you enjoyed~

  • @blkwalnutgrwr BAB3D65E-42B6-454E-AABA-52CD6CC01B3D.jpeg
    I recently hit 1000 on my V1. Looks like you did too. Only faster. Nice work.

  • @HanahsDax -- Nice round number! 1000

  • User error? Thought I was one day behind 'Robert 206' on the V1 Daystreak, but was passed over in favor of 'Ecchigun' out of Canada. Looks like I need to do daily screenshots for documentation.

    Passed by again! This time 'terpentaster' is showing me that sometime in the past 12 days I missed my connection. Only about five? people are riding V1s these days, or so I thought.

  • 'OnewheelJefe' is in the process of moving up on the Plus mileage Leaderboard. Having bumped 'Mr. Keith' from #7 in the past day or so, 'OnewheelJefe' is less than 20 miles from #6, 'jkhc'. Fun to watch the climb. After that it will be less than 100 miles to #5 -- meaning that in just a few more days 'OnewheelJefe' could hold two of the top five slots!

    And a welcome to '@onewheelsk' of Slovakia cimbing up the Pint mileage Leaderboard -- now at #8.

    On the Plus Daystreak 'Juan-wheel' of Spain, and 'Boonedog' perhaps of Kentucky, have been trading off, back and forth, for several days now.

  • I hope FM have been keeping logs of the leaderboard data over time.

    Would love for them to one day come out with a timelapse of the data similar to what The Rankings does for various topics over on Youtube.

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