Watching Action on the Leaderboards

  • @blkwalnutgrwr Nice work today sharing the top 3 spot for overall mileage on a V1 while also holding the #2 day streak spot on the same board.

  • @HanahsDax -- The numbers do look good together, don't they? Thanks for noticing! IMG_1849.jpg

  • 'Mattsplat' took #1 in Pint mileage! Busy watching my own board I had not noticed.

  • @blkwalnutgrwr congrats on the #1 day streak for a V1. You deserve it!

  • @HanahsDax -- Thank you. You shouldn't have. But that brings up another issue: On my other V1, OW002346, I have screenshots documenting a day streak from at least July 28th to now. At least twenty-eight days in a row today... to seventeen for the new #5, 'Iamjoeking'. Could it be that holding two places on a single Daystreak Leaderboard is not allowed? (Edit: From Future Motion that is indeed the case -- limit one board per rider on any given Streak Leaderboard.)

  • After reading the posts on this thread I understand why it is taking me so long to progress up the ladder. At #15 (XR+) I realize I'm getting into some rarefied air in the Onewheel streak community. Keep up the good work and congrats to the riders ahead of me!

  • Will someone else take over here; without a phone I can no longer see the Leaderboards (nor connect for a daystreak).

  • @blkwalnutgrwr Not sure if I'd be able to keep up but will try to update it if you want :)
    RIP streak, did the phone break?

    Little know gem, you don't need the app to see Rides/Leaderboard info. FM let you view it through a browser.

    One day I want to try using the rides page to scrape info and make a tool to collage all rides for a specified user with a defined search area for rides. Got very simple programming experience so haven't gotten the courage to start D:
    Until then I've been doing it manually for myself in Photoshop and snipping tool lol.

  • Looking forward to a new perpective! Thank you, Lia. Follow your instincts in following the action. I tried to post often enough to stay afloat on the first page of 'recent'. A hearty welcome to a new voice, and new ideas!

  • Hi all,

    As the new Leaderboard watcher I've decided to do a week summary of positions followed by notes below of anything else interesting that may have happened along the way. Since I only really stared logging since yesterday not much has occurred.

    Feel free to add any additional context or notes that I might have missed along the way :)

    End of week 39 of 2020.
    2020 Week 39.png
    First thing of note is TiY has fallen off position 3 on the Onewheel+ daystreak bumping nyte.ryda and Glassalchemist up the ranks.
    Va_Breeze has joined the board at position 5 only 2 days less than Glassalchemist at position 4

    Nothing seemingly to report on for the Mileage boards. I'm sure with the seasons changing the southern hemisphere will begin to catch up with the northern hemisphere again now that it's getting warmer for them and colder for the northern side.

  • @Lia -- Very effective graphic! It makes the Leaderboard changes easy to see.

    A note on the V1 mileage Leaderboard -- "FranKtheTanK" must have recently unlinked his 15,000 mile V1, artificially bumping everyone else up a place. The benefit to me is moving up to #2.

  • Thanks @blkwalnutgrwr , now that you point it out I can't believe I missed that missing on the list, didn't even notice!

  • Congrats to Bigpoppa88 for hitting the 1 year daystreak milestone on the Pint.
    Crazy to see this many people hitting 1 year of logged rides in a row!

  • Bit of activity today, must be decent weather for you lot. Pretty grey and cold here in the UK!

    The V1 has a new daystreak leader. Congrats to FloatFanatics for reaching #1 at 76 days.
    Robert 208 (formerly #1) dropped off allowing BradMoh to get on the board at #5

    Stevie_Wonda has overtaken CarpetFace on the XR mileage board, swapping positions at 4 and 5

    Graz[hopp]er has been knocked off the Pint mileage board by jonnyboomboom, appearing at #10

  • Another week down, another summary image for you all. Seems like almost all the changes are occurring on the V1 this week.
    2020 Week 40.png


    • V1 has seen Robert208 and InoBevious fall of the daystreak leaving room for BradMCH and workwithbillyfunk to get on the top 5 with under 2 weeks of streak.


    • XR has stevie_wondaa and CarpetFace trade positions #4 and #5.

    • Graz[hopp]er seems to have unlinked their board since they have vanished from the Pint mileage board. jonnyboomboom has in turn secured position #10

    • #3 Thormax and #5 onewheeltour have disappeared off the list leading to #9 and #10 to be populated by tigermiketea and J-Glide.

    I think for future to keep things simple I'll from now on update shifts in positions on these Sunday posts with the occasional note on other days if other interesting things appear.

    Since starting I have been saving a copy of for each day so we should now have a sort of historic record to refer back to providing I continue to remember to do it.

  • XR Leaderboard champ OneWheelWing appears to have setup a Reddit and Youtube account.

    If anyone is itching to ask them any questions go check them out!

  • Week 41 locked in, lets see how things have progressed.
    2020 Week 41.png


    • Daystreak wise nothing new except for the V1 where we see workwithbillyfunk fall off #5 and in their place bryanrapoza appear.


    • On the XR board CaptainBuddy has overtaken TheJanimal now at #7 and #8 respectively. Nguyen@808 has also been wiped off the board with YONHNA Joel Ojo taking position #10.
    • For the Plus Mr. Keith has vanished from #7 allowing everyone below to move up and see Robinal take up #10

    That's all for this week, hope everyone is enjoying the updates :)

  • FrankTheTank is back! With a different V1! Now at #5 on the mileage Leaderboard with 6703 miles (in addition to the 15,000 miles on his first V1)! Welcome back Frank! Sorry to scoop you Lia! I am sure we would have heard it from you tomorrow.

  • Sunday again, that week went quick!
    2020 Week 42.png


    • FloatFanatics has resigned from #1 on the V1. Everyone has moved up the board again with workwithbillyfunk re-appearing at #5 having dropped off that same position last week.


    • On the Plus chickenZIGGY has overtaken Robinal, knocking them off the board to pinch #10
    • As @blkwalnutgrwr noticed yesterday FranKtheTanK has re-appeared on the V1 mileage board at #5. This has in turn shifted everyone below down a peg so we see J-Slide no longer at #10.

    Wonder if FranKtheTanK is going to get this board to 15000miles like the other V1. Guess we'll have to wait and see.

  • Another rider joins the 1 year club for Daystreak.
    Congratulations to andy64 for riding 1 year straight on the Pint.

    We're nearly at the point where all top 5 positions are a year long for the Pint. Unfortunately we'll have to wait a bit longer as it seems Daymos_Glider fell off the board at 351 days yesterday. As a fellow UK rider I can only assume it was due to the usual rubbish Autumn weather. In their place we welcome XXUXXO from Argentina to #5.

    Assuming XXUXXO (#5 at 332 days) can do another month the bar to entry for Pint daystreak will be 1 year.

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