Watching Action on the Leaderboards

  • FrankTheTank is back! With a different V1! Now at #5 on the mileage Leaderboard with 6703 miles (in addition to the 15,000 miles on his first V1)! Welcome back Frank! Sorry to scoop you Lia! I am sure we would have heard it from you tomorrow.

  • Sunday again, that week went quick!
    2020 Week 42.png


    • FloatFanatics has resigned from #1 on the V1. Everyone has moved up the board again with workwithbillyfunk re-appearing at #5 having dropped off that same position last week.


    • On the Plus chickenZIGGY has overtaken Robinal, knocking them off the board to pinch #10
    • As @blkwalnutgrwr noticed yesterday FranKtheTanK has re-appeared on the V1 mileage board at #5. This has in turn shifted everyone below down a peg so we see J-Slide no longer at #10.

    Wonder if FranKtheTanK is going to get this board to 15000miles like the other V1. Guess we'll have to wait and see.

  • Another rider joins the 1 year club for Daystreak.
    Congratulations to andy64 for riding 1 year straight on the Pint.

    We're nearly at the point where all top 5 positions are a year long for the Pint. Unfortunately we'll have to wait a bit longer as it seems Daymos_Glider fell off the board at 351 days yesterday. As a fellow UK rider I can only assume it was due to the usual rubbish Autumn weather. In their place we welcome XXUXXO from Argentina to #5.

    Assuming XXUXXO (#5 at 332 days) can do another month the bar to entry for Pint daystreak will be 1 year.

  • I don't think a week will go by without something changing on the leaderboard.

    This week has been no exception with at least 1 position changing on each leaderboard (except the XR's daystreak, that one rarely changes and I'm partly to blame)

    2020 Week 43.png


    • Daymos_Glider has dropped off the Pint daystreak only 2 weeks away from managing an entire year round trip. XXUXXO has taken their place at #5.
    • Over on the Plus Johnwheel relieves #2 bumping everyone up the ranks with Middle-aged-boy appearing at #5
    • On the V1 something odd has happened and I'm still wrapping my brain round it. Last week bryanrapoza and workwithbillyfunk were neck and neck at 24 days into a streak. However this week workwithbillyfunk is 2 days ahead (32) with bryanrapoza at 30 days. I suspect workwithbillyfunk has multiple boards as they seem to hop about positions a lot. Other than that BradMch has lost their streak at #3 so the board shifts up. chet-boii floats in at #5


    • VINCEVAUGHN overtakes PASCH having them trade #2 and #3 on the XR. Yonhna Frisco TX has also edged out TheJanimal having them trade #9 and #10
    • VRP has knocked jonnyboomboom off the top 10 for the Pint, stealing #10 from them.
    • OnewheelJefe and Jeffrey Gerred have swapped positions too with Jefe taking #4 from Jeffrey.
    • Lastly BuddayBinko has appeared at #10 on the V1, taking tigermilktea down a peg and off the top 10.

    Very active leaderboard this week. I imagine with the seasons continuing to change we'll see a lot more of it.

    For anyone still reading you may notice I change the little image on the banner for each week. I tend to just scrape something off google however if you've got any images you think would look great squished down into that banner feel free to suggest any :)

  • A 10,000 mile XR Daystreak is about to happen! The rider is @VINCEVAUGHN and if he keeps riding like he has been all along, the threshold will be crossed tomorrow or the next day - maybe the celebration party will be on Halloween. Good going, @VINCEVAUGHN!!!

  • Also well worth watching, HanahsDax is just a few short days away from two straight years of riding a Onewheel XR day in and day out. See it happen!

  • @blkwalnutgrwr Looks like you're right. Vince is currently sitting at 9999miles on the leaderboard, presumably waiting to push it over the edge on the spoopiest day of the year tomorrow.

  • Ya boi has done it. Vince crossed the 10,000 mark today (or yesterday since it's 2AM here in the UK). Can we stop and take a moment to realise how far that is to have done on a streak. If going in a straight line around the equator Vince will have nearly gone half way around the globe.

    If you'd rather something a bit more do-able to imagine if you were to ride the Pan American Highway (19,000MI) from the furthest point in Alaska all the way down to the lowest point in South America he'd currently be around Columbia or Ecuador by now!!!
    Pan-American Highway

    Next to reach the milestone may well be #2 Fuser on the XR sitting at a rather impressive 8074MI at the time of typing this.

    On the topic of distance I've just noticed @HanahsDax overtook me back on the 4th of October D: I'm coming for you Dax!

  • More leaderboard goodies for you all to end the weekend (yes it's Sunday again, booooo)

    2020 Week 44.png


    • No changes on XR or the Pint.
    • On the Plus VA Breeze has ended their streak and in doing so made room for a familiar face to appear; FranKtheTanK has appeared on the daystreak for the Plus at #5.
    • Over on the V1 Jerry wagener has resigned from #2. Up the ranks everyone goes and yet another familiar face; @blkwalnutgrwr shows up at #5. An ever growing list of dual leaderboard members is beginning to form.


    • No changes again for XR, Pint or V1. less image fiddling for me so I'm not complaining ;) Mattsplat appears to have changed their name on the Pint board, I'll withhold any comments being a UK citizen.
    • Plus see's Jeffrey Gerred and OnewheelJefe still fighting over #4, once again having swapped places. You boys stop fighting!

  • It has been done! @HanahsDax has rode 2 years consecutively on a single streak.
    Congratulations for making it to such an insane milestone!

    In honour of this achievement I've made a small gift.

  • Congratulations @HanahsDax !!! And nicely presented @Lia !!!

  • @Lia Since you took the time to create such an amazing piece of artwork I thought I would take the time to try and recreate it. BFFC4D90-28DA-4F65-94CC-1C9ABD91DF00.jpeg

  • @HanahsDax Aha amazing, you even went and matched the outfit and drink!
    Glad you liked it :)

  • Sun has set here in the UK, time to update the sheet.

    2020 Week 45.png


    • Nothing... we all just went up 7 days since last Sunday ;)
      Leaderboards C'mon Do Something.png


    • On the XR Yonhna Frisco TX continues to climb up the ranks, trading positions 8 and 9 with CaptainBuddy.
    • makekgul has seemingly unlinked their board as @blkwalnutgrwr is now positioned at #1 for the V1. Congratulations! As usual this leads to everyone moving up the list with tigermilktea appearing at #10 again. Welcome back to the top 10.

  • 2020/11/17 EDIT: FM appear to have resolved the issue with 2 positions being wildly out of place. Updated the stats for Week 46

    Seems to be an upset with the mileage boards this week. We have 2 new riders appear seemingly out of nowhere.
    I can only assume these are riders that never used the app before however since there is a new achievements update they have loaded it up and caused their distance to be logged.

    2020 Week 46(e).png
    Previous stat image can be found below if interested.


    • Only the V1 has seen activity here, workwithbillyfunk has lost their streak as has chet_boii. Up goes the positions with FloatFanatics and Andre Danforth appearing at #4 and #5.


    • On the XR we've got Moto_hoon from the UK appearing at #2 at 16716 MI at the time of typing this. Certainly an impressive distance to have wracked up especially over here in the land of bad weather. This has of course shifted everyone down the list (except Blue who managed to maintain #7). The Janimal has also been knocked off #10.
    • The Pint has seen a similar change on the board although this one doesn't appear to be legitimate. Domislit also from the UK has appeared at #1 with a distance logged of 16599 MI, over double the distance of the former #1 spot Mattsplat at 7395 MI. Down goes everyone on the board (except Double J and AHaas) causing VRP to fall off the top 10.
    • On the XR Blue and McDicks1772 have traded positions #6 and #7.
    • Pint rider F.A.T has fallen behind being overtaken by both Double J and AHaas. F.A.T Now at #5 with Double J and AHaas at #3 and #4 respectively.

    Curious on everyone else's opinions on the changes that have occurred this week.

  • 2020/11/17 EDIT: FM appear to have resolved the issue with 2 positions being wildly out of place. Updated the stats for Week 46.

    Something weird is going on, various different users on the XR (and Pint) are appearing out of nowhere with ever increasing distances but never appearing at the same time.

    Logged at 2020/11/16 16:42 GMT

    Logged at 2020/11/16 17:40 GMT

    Logged at 2020/11/16 18:24 GMT

    Logged at 2020/11/17 00:43 GMT

    Logged at 2020/11/17 01:20 GMT

    I've been editing , deleting and restoring this reply a fair bit since at the start it was difficult to make a judgement on what's going on. Now it appears that since these different names are actual different accounts confirmed via the rider search that this isn't one person just faking their distance but something else.

    Anyone else noticing this and got any clue as to what is actually going on?
    I'm off to bed since it's like 1am so would be grateful if anyone else minds keeping an eye on this?

    2020/11/17 EDIT: FM appear to have resolved the issue with 2 positions being wildly out of place. Updated the stats for Week 46.

  • Looks like we're back to normal this week. Here's some updates.
    2020 Week 47.png


    • Pint rider XXUXXO is 1 day away from managing a year daystreak. Tomorrow will mark the day both XR and Pint daystreaks see the bar to entry at 1 whole year of riding.


    • Zigon CBR has leapt onto the leaderboards at #9 on the XR; knocking CaptianBuddy down to #10 and TheJanimal off the top 10.
    • For the Pint AHaas and Double J have traded #3 and #4 as has Jaredz-OneWheel and David trading #7 and #8.
    • TiY and timmy for the Plus have switched #2 and #3 whilst MaddMike edges onto #10 bumping Robinal off the top 10.
    • andrew_mangel on the V1 appears to have unlinked their board causing everyone below to move up a spot. J-Glide moves up into the top 10 again.

  • Roll on up floaters, I've got some fresh leaderboard updates on the menu.
    2020 Week 48.png


    • ShreddieMcSkateOnYT has resigned from their daystreak at #1 on the Pint. Congrats to chomieniec as the new front runner. Everyone once again moves up a position where BonusTacos appears at #5
    • 2 Riders drop off the V1 daystreak this week. FloatFanatics and Andre Danforth previously #4 and #5. In their place Clorentz and Jerry Wagner appear.


    • stevie_wondaa and Pasch trade #3 and #4 over on the XR whilst Yonhna Frisco TX overtakes Blue and McDicks1772; taking #6 and knocking them down to #7 and #8.
    • David and Jaredz-OneWheel trade positions #7 and #8 again on the Pint.

  • Nice to see 'Robert 206' join the V1 mileage Leaderboard since Lia posted the week's changes. Feels good to have another active rider moving up the board. Welcome!

  • Sundaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay
    2020 Week 49.png

    • Over on the V1 Clorentz and Jerry Wagener have departed from #4 and #5 letting both hafid and Robert 206 onto those spots.


    • Pint has more spots being traded with Double J and Ahaas swapping #3 and #4 once again!
    • As @blkwalnutgrwr mentioned Robert 206 on the V1 has peaked their head onto the leaderboard for the mileage at #10 due to shea_nb dropping off #5.

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