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    I mean I guess it made my life easier this Sunday, put that leftover effort into the gif instead ;)

    Alright had my fun, on with the actual stuff.
    2021 Week 12.png

    • V1 has seen an almost complete clean slate again, this time with some riders not completely fresh off the press as whosway and 8 0 1 W H E E L have been streaking for 10 days each holding positions #2 and #3. At #4 and #5 we have Ballagio and lizbell.


    • XR rider PASCH has added "AZ OW OG" to the end of their name, other than that the XR mileage charts stay the same.
    • Plus rider NJacobs has overtaken grshelton1 leaving them at #8 as they go on to take up the #7 spot.

  • <Insert quirky statement about it being Sunday>
    2021 Week 13.png

    • After a year and a half of riding daily on the Pint, Bigpoppa88 has ended their streak. Appearing at #5 a fellow UK rider trappedinanelevator shows up. Happy to see another rider from my little island show up again.
    • V1 see's a little shuffling. whosway and lizbell drop off #2 and #5 with hafid and aruuhii2yo appearing at #4 and #5.


    • Pint rider Double J has added "Tire Sire" to the end of their name.
    • On the Plus chickenZIGGY has overtaken grshelton1, taking #8 from them.

  • Happy Easter everyone, hope you all got in a good ride today!

    2021 Week 14.png
    Was considering making another dumb meme for this week but I'll save those for special occasions.


    • In an amazing turn of events across the entire daystreak charts only 1 rider on the top 5 lost their streak this week; that being aruuhii2yo on the V1 formerly at #5. Other than that you've all been wonderfully consistent. Keep it up!
    • Fuser has crossed over the 2Y mark on the XR Daystreak. Long time to be keeping a streak going, let's see if the XR riders can reach 3Y.


    • Fuser, #2 on the XR daystreak has steamrolled their way onto the top 10 mileage list. A rider certainly worth keeping an eye on to see how far they can climb the ranks. This has however meant Nguyen@808 has fallen off the top 10.
    • Over on the Plus chickenZIGGY has pulled ahead of NJacobs and swapped #8 for #7.

  • Currently a total of five Onewheel riders show on the Leaderboards more than once: HanahsDax with longtime 1st in the XR Daystreak and 1st, too, in the V1 Daystreak; fuser in 2nd in XR Daystreak and 10th in XR mileage; FranKtheTanK in 3rd in the Plus Daystreak and 4th in V1 mileage (as well as above #1 with another board on that same V1 chart); OnewheelJefe longtime 1st in Plus mileage, and also 6th on the same Plus mileage Leaderboard; and hafid is 4th on the V1 Daystreak and 10th in V1 mileage. All Onewheel riders who are strong in performance!
    Edit: A sixth rider has joined the current (April 15, 2021) total of multiple showings on the Leaderboards: Robert206 -- with placement at 5th and 8th on the V1 Leaderboards.

  • Been a good week, seems a lot has happened and as @blkwalnutgrwr noted we've got a lot of familiar and committed riders on the leaderboards recently. Maybe @Future-Motion could reach out and do some stuff with more riders like they did with OneWheelWing, would be nice to see some more engagement with some of the other members on the list (pretty please).

    Anyway, on with the updates!
    2021 Week 15.png

    • Had to double check I didn't make a mistake on the last one, looks like on the V1 Nate Dogg has dropped their streak and aruuhii2yo takes up #5. This being the reverse of last week.


    • SuperBarilaroKart has taken up #4 on the XR leaderboard, knocking VINCEVAUGHN down to #5.
    • Mattsplat has updated their name on the Pint having swapped their stock battery for a Chi battery. Likewise i2aul has removed "stock" from their name and put DelandFL there instead.
    • MdubM over on the Plus decided #5 would look better next to their name so has zipped on by OnewheelJefe leaving them with #6
    • V1 rider andrew_mangel has unlinked their board causing everyone but FranKtheTanK to go up a position. RodneyCat overtook Frank so they managed to retain #4 after the reshuffle. With this ll taking place we see hafid re-appear at #10, welcome back.

  • Please let me know if this is the wrong place to post personal levels that do not appear on the published leaderboard.

    On Saturday I broke into the double digits for XR Daystreak! I hit #98!
    This was quickly moved to #96 on Sunday and to #94 today (@91 days).

    I feel as if reaching the double digits is a major (personal) milestone. I'm thrilled and excited. :)

  • @HorsePlay I see no issue, it's about the leaderboard and an achievement worthy of a congratulations :)
    alt text
    Much harder to hit top 100 on the XR these days, go back to 2019 and all you needed was 2 weeks to get there.

    Funnily enough I'm close behind you at #105 (84 days). Good to know I'm maybe a week away from getting into double digits again soon too :)

  • V1 only updates this week~
    2021 Week 16.png

    • The ever changing position 5 on the V1 has landed on Robert208 again as they reappear on the list in place of aruuhii2yo.


    • EgaanotS has unlinked their board, causing positions #7 and below to move up a spot. Hafid managed to secure themselves a higher spot this week, overtaking J-glide which has them keeping their place at #9. Kevinharpertime peeks their head back onto the top 10 with the reshuffle too.

  • @Lia There was a notable accomplishment this week by @OneWheelWing. Riding the length/distance of the equator on his XR. Basically this rider has rode enough to go around the world. A huge milestone to say the least.

  • @HanahsDax Oh wow you're right, Good catch!
    I don't know how he does it, I only managed a combined 145k this weekend and I can barely walk (no joke I've been crawling the past few hours).
    Looking back at my logs he did an average of 70k a day this past week. Insane numbers.

  • @NotSure , surely we've all thought about doing exactly that (riding on a treadmill), right? Especially on bad weather days ... ?

  • @Lia , were these long distances part of the "Spring!" ride posted on Reddit? Those shoes, girl! How do you do it?

  • @HorsePlay Oh the ones from this post?
    I'm a bit in the dark when it comes to shoes, are they not known for comfort?
    Other than the seam on the inside rubbing they were good to me the whole weekend.

  • @Lia, Your photos are completely lovely ... especially the one at the bridge. Nicely done!

  • @HorsePlay Aww thanks :)

  • In a strange turn of events on the Leaderboards, no names or countries are showing this morning on my app -- only mileages and streak lengths! A temporary glitch?

  • @blkwalnutgrwr Might have been a glitch, I'm seeing them there in app and on the website currently. Very strange glitch.

  • Wasn't looking forward to this weeks chart. In honour of HanahsDax loosing their streak the Onewheel I put in the top banner is his XR this week. Here's hoping it gets rolling again soon!
    2021 Week 17.png

    • @HanahsDax has unfortunately lost their streak due to an unknown fault causing the board to not work. The streak standing at 2 years and 172 days is currently the longest standing daystreak which is an unimaginably impressive run. Who knows how far it could have been taken if this fault had never occurred!
      In usual fashion we see the other riders move up a position and here we see our newest member of the top 5 being Billet float.
    • Pint rider Morgankat has unfortunately also departed the top 5 and ending their year long streak. #4 and #5 are taken up by trappedinanelevator and Bslaw.
    • Still more updates, this time on the Plus with former #2 seandonn has stopped their streak. In their place FranKtheTanK climbs another rung as does OneWheelMobShop, CharlieB and the latest #5 being Maulin Marto.
    • What would a leaderboard update be without the V1. Ballagio and Robert 208 drop off the streak from positions #3 and #5. Hafid takes up #3 while the newest members Axel Foley and Andre Danforth sit on #4 and #5.


    • Very little happened this side of the leaderboard this week. On the Pint David has pinched #7 from Jaredzaz leaving them with #8.
    • For the V1 kevinharpertime who formerly sat at #10 has swapped places with J-Glide securing their spot a little better at #9.

  • 200th post on this thread!
    cr1tikal gif
    Enough of that, let's see what's been going on.
    2021 Week 18.png

    • Had to double check this since it's not often you see daystreaks change place. V1 riders Andre Danforth and Axel Foley have swapped #4 and #5. Looks like they both occupy the same streak but Andre Danforth has put some more mileage on their belt casing the leaderboard to reflect them as ahead of Axel Foley.


    • Plus rider MdubM has shot past Jeffrey Gerred, taking #4 from them in the process.
    • Hafid over on the V1 is on a mission. Only 2 months ago was he swept off the top10 but is now up to #7 after making good progress over the past few weeks.

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