Watching Action on the Leaderboards

  • @HanahsDax -- Nice round number! 1000

  • User error? Thought I was one day behind 'Robert 206' on the V1 Daystreak, but was passed over in favor of 'Ecchigun' out of Canada. Looks like I need to do daily screenshots for documentation.

    Passed by again! This time 'terpentaster' is showing me that sometime in the past 12 days I missed my connection. Only about five? people are riding V1s these days, or so I thought.

  • 'OnewheelJefe' is in the process of moving up on the Plus mileage Leaderboard. Having bumped 'Mr. Keith' from #7 in the past day or so, 'OnewheelJefe' is less than 20 miles from #6, 'jkhc'. Fun to watch the climb. After that it will be less than 100 miles to #5 -- meaning that in just a few more days 'OnewheelJefe' could hold two of the top five slots!

    And a welcome to '@onewheelsk' of Slovakia cimbing up the Pint mileage Leaderboard -- now at #8.

    On the Plus Daystreak 'Juan-wheel' of Spain, and 'Boonedog' perhaps of Kentucky, have been trading off, back and forth, for several days now.

  • I hope FM have been keeping logs of the leaderboard data over time.

    Would love for them to one day come out with a timelapse of the data similar to what The Rankings does for various topics over on Youtube.

  • I'm new here so I'm sorry if this is covered somewhere. Just please direct me there. Here's the deal though. I just got a OW XR and I've been riding it every day for a little over a week. A few days ago, I rode it and watched the leader board and it wasn't updating. My phone was connected. I could see my milage and all data. But it wouldn't update saying "Expires at Midnight". I thought, must update over night. Well it didn't. No biggie, I'm only a few days in. I continue riding and today the same thing. It says "Expires at Midnight". I just went out and got in a quick miler just to keep the streak going. Am I missing something to push the connection and make sure I don't lose my streak?

  • @LewDog9296 there is a minimum distance each day to keep your streak going. Its about 2.5km i think.

  • @stinkyface Thanks man! I was wondering if there was a distance. Looks like I'll keep it at 2.5km. Since then I watched and it might be one mile.

  • Every once in a while I get a peek further down the Leaderboard rankings. Today, #19 on the Plus Daystreak has 26 days in, and with 32 days riding an XR someone has reached #209.
    A while back I had seen relatively new XR and Pint riders post mileage rankings in the 20,000's -- meaning that that many riders of those model Onewheels have more mileage than they do.
    All this data comes from random screenshots posted on the Onewheel Riders group on Facebook.

  • A new name on the XR Daystreak -- 'Jaxdashbolt'. It is hard to imagine riding day in and day out for more than 14 months before being noticed for it by the Onewheel world.

    'BHunt' joined the XR Mileage Leaderboard this week.

    'Insta @Daymos_Glider' achieved the Pint Daystreak recently.

    And '@FloatFanatics' is back on the musical chairs of the V1 Daystreak.

    Welcome to the Leaderboard!

  • Crossing one full year this week of riding a Pint every single day is Daystreak #1 'ShreddieMcSkateOSBS'.

    A total at the moment of seven Onewheel riders on the Leaderboards have more than a year, and 'Hanahsdax' is my odds-on to cross two full years of daily riding -- come early November.

  • Congrats to @ShreddieMcskate for rolling over 365! Thanks @blkwalnutgrwr for the continued support. The V1 needs a year rider now so let’s make it happen. I got a strong feeling it could be a guy from Northeast Ohio.

  • Wow! 19.79 average miles per day over 435 days so far! That's '@VINCEVAUGHN' of the Netherlands, longtime inhabitant of the XR mileage Leaderboard, now showing up on the XR Daystreak. And I thought 'fuser' was doing well with a 6936 mile daystreak -- '@VINCEVAUGHN' is well up there with 8609 miles in the streak. (And it beats a 17.86 mile average that I had had in a 5000 mile V1 daystreak over 280 days -- with 155 more days at it to boot! Wow!)

    In other news 'PASCH' relinked on the XR mileage Leaderboard -- a welcome presence there.

    'Boonedog' and 'Juan-wheel' continue still to trade-off back and forth at #5 on the Plus Daystreak.

    And to answer the question of who will be first to achieve a full year's daystreak on a V1 -- the answer is that it has already been accomplished by '@FloatFanatics' early in the year 2020.

    Sometime between August 13 and September 1 of last year is when 'HanahsDax' first took the #1 spot on the XR Daystreak. So now it is celebration of one full year as #1! Keep it up there, David!

  • @blkwalnutgrwr Also had Jaredz briefly appear as #10 on the Pint Mileage leaderboard Yesterday.
    Seems Some1youknow has reclaimed the spot though as of today.

  • @blkwalnutgrwr Nice work today sharing the top 3 spot for overall mileage on a V1 while also holding the #2 day streak spot on the same board.

  • @HanahsDax -- The numbers do look good together, don't they? Thanks for noticing! IMG_1849.jpg

  • 'Mattsplat' took #1 in Pint mileage! Busy watching my own board I had not noticed.

  • @blkwalnutgrwr congrats on the #1 day streak for a V1. You deserve it!

  • @HanahsDax -- Thank you. You shouldn't have. But that brings up another issue: On my other V1, OW002346, I have screenshots documenting a day streak from at least July 28th to now. At least twenty-eight days in a row today... to seventeen for the new #5, 'Iamjoeking'. Could it be that holding two places on a single Daystreak Leaderboard is not allowed? (Edit: From Future Motion that is indeed the case -- limit one board per rider on any given Streak Leaderboard.)

  • After reading the posts on this thread I understand why it is taking me so long to progress up the ladder. At #15 (XR+) I realize I'm getting into some rarefied air in the Onewheel streak community. Keep up the good work and congrats to the riders ahead of me!

  • Will someone else take over here; without a phone I can no longer see the Leaderboards (nor connect for a daystreak).

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