Watching Action on the Leaderboards

  • @blkwalnutgrwr Wow a lot did happen. I do notice by the end of the week a few places change around frequently.

    I assumed with the daystreaks if 2 riders had the same streak it would be whoever updated their streak for that day stayed first. Is it actually based on mileage from your experience?

    ajfawaz is a familiar name, I think I've seen their rides show on my map in the neighbouring city MK. Maybe next time I'm riding round there I'll see if I can do a group ride or something since they're still active. I am, as far as I'm aware, the only active rider for a few miles in my area according to the ride map :(

    Do you think it's a sponsorship for Natzters? I did notice the name changed a few times on my last post where they had previously been JScheibe and Witz too. As for OnewheelMobShop could they have changed the name after repairing a board or something or even just own the boards themselves? It does appear to be the same rider as 631TonyRobert303 having looked back at my logs of the leaderboard so I'll correct the image in the previous post :)

    Not sure how to feel about sponsorships on the leaderboard. People are free to do as they please but it just corperatises the leaderboard and gives it a value other than achievement and recognition amongst peers. It doesn't bother me either way, I just don't think I'd personally sell my name in exchange for advertisement.

  • @Lia -- I love your Onewheel cartoon character more or less fruitlessly, gently poking and prodding the Leaderboard into action with a stick, "C'mon, do something." Some of the coolest things about the Leaderboards are the hidden stories. You ride in the mist, the rain, the dark, and through flowing streams daily in the UK. HannahsDax showed us having Onewheel winter fun with lights and celebration in Colorado. I enjoy watching riders challenging each other and leap-frogging for position on the Leaderboard.

    I am pretty sure that if two or more riders tie for number of days in a streak, then the second criteria is mileage. We should watch closely next time it happens.

    While I usually ride solo, on three occasions I have encountered other riders in the wild in my 'neighborhood.' Exciting it was to see, and to stop and talk a bit. Rarely have I ridden with others.

    Witz had a recent post on Facebook in which he introduced his sponsored rider. A serious mileage rider, she had trouble with her board I think, and Witz renewed it. I do like her naming solution -- 'Handle-Sponsor' -- which preserves the individual achievement.

    While I am not sure about sponsorships myself either, if I was desperate to get back to riding and had not other means with which to do so, I would likely consider it. Many sports use sponsorships.

  • @blkwalnutgrwr Aha thanks, just a tweak to an existing meme. Was the only time I'd seen the entire daystreak section not move for a week. I would like to see a few more stories shared about journeys, maybe an overhaul of the ride feature to let you pin spots with pics or videos. I only say this because those 20km+ rides can never be summed up with a single image.

    The leap frogging is quite fun to see, especially on the mileage board where the same names frequently pull ahead now and then.

    I've ridden once with another Onewheeler. Was a friend of my brother who got an XR but later sold it. Was a shame but he didn't ride it all that much. Can't wait for the one day I do ride across another rider lol.

    Ah that makes sense. Witz did post a fair bit on Reddit but hasn't recently. I assume it's due to the rules regarding the bi-weekly vendor post limit which may discourage him posting. Was a shame since I really enjoyed seeing repaired Onewheels. On that topic I'm soon to be the proud owner of a Pint that got snapped in half by a hit and run up north of me. Rider was fine but the board looked pretty beaten up...

    I guess putting it that way it makes a bit more sense. Onewheeling albeit not entirely physical is certainly worth classifying as a sport.

  • @Lia -- The broken-in-half Pint rebuild sounds like a fun project with interesting possibilities! Best of luck, and please share how it goes!

  • @blkwalnutgrwr Some action on the XR overall mileage leaderboard between VinceVaughn and stevie_wondaa going on. At one point on Monday stevie was #2.

  • @HanahsDax -- Yes! A mile apart as of this moment! Fun to watch how long it can keep up, matching and trading places -- very aware of each others progress.

  • Musical chairs, indeed! Four of the five current riders on the V1 Daystreak have already held the number one slot! And every other position, too, there! Such a small world of V1 riders.

  • Apologies for it being a day late D:
    New year, new roadmap ahead. Hope you've all got plenty of stoke planned this year!
    2021 Week 01.png


    • Appears only the V1 has seen some movement this week with asaptamale resigning #5 with kevinharpertime taking their place.


    • More fighting on the XR side, this week stevie_wondaa has nudged ahead of VINCEVAUGN taking #2 from them.
    • For the Pint it appears VRP has been overtake by i2aul who sits at the #10 spot.

  • Hi @Lia -- Looks more to me like @stevie_wondaa has done the nudging to #2 on the XR mileage Leaderboard. A question is, can they keep it up? -- Because overall, VINCEVAUGHN has been averaging very close to 19 miles per day for more than a year and a half now. At this point in time almost 100 miles separate the two riders.

  • @blkwalnutgrwr Ah the layer in PS was still transparent. Fixed!

  • @blkwalnutgrwr Looks like a couple riders have decided to add their location to their username/handle on the XR leaderboard like a rider from Northeast Ohio has been doing for awhile. A couple East coast riders racking up miles in D.C. and N.Y.C.

  • I will not show up for a bit in day streaks but making some strides by getting into top 50 for Pint (119 days), under top 40 for the XR (228 days) and the OW+ seems easy at top 30 (6 days, I took a few weeks off at end of 2020).




  • @LidPhones Congrats on the progress so far, how have you found the journey riding daily on those boards?
    I'm impressed you have the time to keep it up on 3 boards, that must add a few challenges on it's own.

  • @Lia for sure the challenges of a OneWheel rider is unique when winter hits your region. In Iowa our temps currently are between 8 F to 40 F (if we are lucky). So when the streets are not icy I do a quick mile (sometimes more 🤪) on each board and done. When ice is outside it is time to do circles in the garage. I think I will create an exercise routine for centrifugal squats 😂😂.

  • @LidPhones True, we've not had a real winter here in the UK for a few years. Still below freezing for most of it mind you with the usual black ice to keep you getting too comfortable on sweeping corners just haven't had any snow to mess around with.

    I did similar, last 2 years I used the office as my means to get my rides in, doing laps round the desk island till I got bored after 5pm. Now working from home and my place not being big enough to do loops I'm out in the thick of it everyday to keep my streak.

    Sounds like you need to get on that idea, I'm imagining it being done in the spirit of a cheesy 80's exercise VHS xD

  • @Lia Hey what ever it take to get a ride in right? You are absolutely correct on the music style options... I was thinking something for everyone 80s, 90s and up... Stay safe out there

  • A couple notable changes today. S. Leon NE Ohio is now the current “day streak” V1 mileage leader passing the current V1 #1 day streak leader by 8 miles in 15 less days. The Pint day streak leaderboard now has another year long rider in wheelking.

  • Sunday again!
    Onewheel Change Places.png

    Lots of movement on the mileage side, lets see where everything has settled this week.
    2021 Week 02.png


    • V1 see's some activity as usual. Bujubson and kevinharpertime have ended their streak at positions #4 and #5. In their place davidteehee and a familiar Clorentz rejoin the top 5.


    • More shuffling around across all boards this week. Blue and CarpetFace exchange #6 and #7 while Mcdicks unlinks their board making way for CaptainBuddy to move up the ranks to #9 with Nguyen taking #10.
    • i2aul and McFloaty on the Pint have swapped #9 and #10.
    • MaddMike has overtaken chickenZiggy, taking #8 as they climb up the top 10 on the Plus.
    • EgaenotS has relinked their board after nearly a month, reclaiming their spot on the top 10 at #7. Everyone else below moves down and in turn knocks Robert 208 off the top 10.

  • @Lia
    Great work on tracking the changes. Super clear to follow...

    On a side note the OW+ might get me in the top 20 soon. Crazy how I am advancing in just days vs on the XR and Pint to make even one position advancement takes a week sometimes.


  • @LidPhones Many thanks :)

    To be honest @blkwalnutgrwr does a much better job keeping track, I just do a graphic every Sunday at this point so I sometimes miss things that happen between the 2.

    Look forward to seeing you up there. The newer models appear to have more active riders on them so moving up the ranks can be difficult. I haven't seen the XR daystreak update in a very long time lol.

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