Watching Action on the Leaderboards

  • @Lia -- I unlinked a week ago Sunday night, joining FranKtheTank and mekegul -- although I may sometime return because that board is more securely waterproof for the spring rains. In the meantime I am chalking up snowy miles and winter days on my Plus.

  • @blkwalnutgrwr Just realised when checking my saved pages, Corrected the error!
    Look forward to seeing you back up there soon. Any plans for the board while it's waiting for it's return and where abouts are you sitting on the Plus?

  • @Lia -- On my Plus I am at #42 and #15 -- and holding. Thanks for your interest. And again, your charts present the action so clearly!

  • @blkwalnutgrwr Oh wow! I'm astonished by the commitment it must take to rack up that much distance and get them there.
    No problem, I'm really interested in the passion and lengths riders will go to with their board(s).

    Many thanks, I wish I was more observant and didn't make these silly mistakes though >.>

  • @Lia Thanks for taking the time to update this thread.

  • You, me and this weeks leaderboard update now.
    2021 Week 06.png

    • Only changes on the V1 this week, looks like there was plenty since #4 Clorentz has maintained their position having started their streak again. Robert 208 ends their streak with Jimbo21 leaving Moist_Pinecone to take up #2, Andre Danforth with #3 and Orio at #5 with HanahsDax still holding onto #1 at a lucky 77 days currently.


    • For the XR Yonhna Frisco TX (currently JimmyParman <3 RIP DFW) has overtaken VINCEVAUGN with only 140km between them. Zigon CBR appears to have updated their name to SuperBarilaroKart. Pretty sure this is a FriedlyJordies reference to Australian politician John Barilaro.
    • Over on the Pint it looks like i2aul has taken #8 from Jaredzaz, in doing so they've updated their name to state they're riding with a stock board as has Mattsplat.

  • Hi @Lia -- Action on the V1 Daystreak continues with six more names beyond your chart, on and off during this week 6: Joberg8340, @kevinharpertime, Wesley, erikondecc, Wewe, and Reid Litster. Only three days of riding to gain entry to the V1 Daystreak Leaderboard in some cases this week! And another rider making the board two times in a single week! Thank goodness for stability at the top!

  • @blkwalnutgrwr I noticed Clorentz had fallen off and reclaimed #4 so had assumed there was plenty going on throughout the week. Pretty nice to see such a variety of names show up sprinkled in between a few regulars.

  • Lots of movement this week. Really making me put some effort into updating these >.>
    2021 Week 07.png


    • So looks like the V1 as usual has seen an almost complete new list of users show up. @HanahsDax still holding #1 with an odd twist showing below. Both riders Cosimosi and davidteehee are showing at #2. They appear to have the exact same mileage for the streak so has caused the leaderboard to put them at the same position, thus meaning this week #3 doesn't exist and instead has hafid on #4 and Robert 208 making a repeat apperance at #5.


    • Blue and PASCH are at it again swapping #6 and #7 on the XR
    • Pint rider Natztera as expected has shot up the board again now taking #2. Might be a few more weeks till they're floating up on Mattsplat's tail.
    • Plus has seen 2 riders unlink their board. Timmy at #2 and grahelton1 at #6. Everyone moves up with loyal.6666 and TMLS-L taking #9 and #10. MaddMikes has changed their name to MdubMsFMsellusparts!. I second that.
    • V1, not to be outdone by a change-around has seen 3 riders unlink. at #1, Budday Binko at #7 and tigermilktea at #8. Everyone moves up with kevinharpertime, hafid and Normanda appearing at #8, #9 and #10.

  • I don't usually do minor updates but a post over on reddit caught my eye.

    Caboozel has lost their streak at position #19 on the Pint after 244 days due to a board failure preventing them from charging the board. Hoping the repair is cheap, quick and they get back to their mission of continuing a streak.

  • @Lia
    So 90 days or so might get me into the 20 on the Pint which runs on pace with my current ~ 5 spots / 30 day advancement. Of coarse this is all given someone above me has an issue and did not log the Daily Mile... Hey that could be a great Onewheel blog..... "The Daily Mile"

  • Okay... I have an Idea to share soon. I also just captured

  • With a streak of ONE SINGLE DAY a V1 rider achieved entry onto the Daystreak Leaderboard!
    Screenshot taken at 11:54 am EST, February 16, 2021.

  • @blkwalnutgrwr Has it ever been just 4 places before?
    Curious if there has been a day where only 4 riders rode. Would be a sad day to see mind you.

  • @Lia -- Sputtering out! This is the first I have ever seen a Onewheel rider on the Leaderboard with a single day's ride. Two and three day streaks are pathetic, too -- although it is kind of fun, almost just owning a V1 can give a person a claim to fame.

  • @blkwalnutgrwr
    I agree and have thought about trying to buy my V1 back if possible. My only concern is the 500 watt motor that was a bit low on power for my 240 lbs.... ;-)

  • @LidPhones -- For great torque reserves on a V1 (or a Plus), parallel in an EGO battery -- the bigger the better.

  • @blkwalnutgrwr
    Absolutely agree. I have 50Ah (updated from 30Ah) of EGO on the ready for the Plus. I have been a fan of the ego machines for some years.

  • @LidPhones Part of me hopes you've tried wiring up all 30Ah to see how far you could get before you ran out of daylight.

  • @Lia
    I have a goal to do 250 plus (300 ideally) miles in a day this spring or likely summer. I should have my hot swapping Plus built out with a ego 2.5 inside and then two 5 or 7.5s on the fender mounts.

    In 2020 I did 100 miles in 24hours with an ego extender and factory internal on my XR (50% down time for charging)

    With all EGO and and a charging crew to follow me I should be done in say 21 hours....

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