Scratches on your OneWheel frame rails.

  • Here is a blue carbon fiber I put on my second board. This one had some pretty deep sctratches and dings, but it made it look new again. image.jpg

  • @ThatGuy it peals right off when you need to replace it.

  • Looks great J-Glide. For people inquiring about material, it is often referred to as wrap, or vinyl wrap often used on automobiles and many other objects and surfaces. I have done some car wrapping in the past, as well as vinyl wrapping of other various items. It's relatively easy when you get the hang of it. Purchase a little extra to use as practice pieces on other items similar is shape, so you get the hang of it. Since the wrap is adhesive backed and ususally activated best by heat, you can contour it to the surface easily. Be sure to include excess wrap overhang (that will be trimmed later). Once you peel the back off the vinyl, you can begin adhering it to the surface. You can chose to use heat or no heat. Usually, if the surface is flat and doesn't near contouring over curves, etc., I apply it without heat. Apply it carefully and slowly at the desired angle you want (especially with carbon fiber, so the direction of the carbon is equal on one side as the other). You can use your fingers or a flat squeegee made to glide on the surface of the wrap (or just a credit card) to flatten each part you are adhering to the surface. Make sure there are no bubbles. Sometimes, once I'm done covering all the surfaces I intended, I activate the adhesive with a heat gun on a low setting and not too close to the wrap (or it will burn, tear, overstretch, etc). The heat helps with better adhesion of the wrap to the surface in which it was applied. When the wrap is warm, you can use a finger nail without pressing hard to ensure the wrap is hugging all corners that the wrap meets, so when it is trimmed, there won't be any gaps that you intended to be covered. Once the wrap has fully cooled (if you used heat), then the wrap can be carefully trimmed with a hobby knife. Be careful and take your time. Once it's all trimmed, I take the heat gun to the any area that was trimmed to seal it to the surface, so the wrap doesn't lift.

    I'm no vinyl wrap expert, but have done enough to feel comfortable with it. There are some great videos of professional vinyl wrap installers that are great to watch and learn.

  • I suppose you never see "the other side" of the rails, so you don't have to be quite so neat on the inner wall of the wrap.

  • my wheel should be here in about 2 weeks..once it arrives I will be making a few real carbon fiber pieces.. Fender, frame sliders etc..
    Check my IG - njcustom

  • @njcustom

    Those where some seriously nice jobs.
    If you make some CF parts, I bet a few people around the forum would like to buy some too :)

  • @BadWolf said:


    Those where some seriously nice jobs.
    If you make some CF parts, I bet a few people around the forum would like to buy some too :)

    Thank you! I will for sure post them here the minute I make something..

  • @Banjo @utsu @Brutha-Man @MichaelW @veryous @ThatGuy Here is a link to a how to video if you are curious.

  • Thanks for the how-to video!

  • Good job J

    I can't speak for others but my cf wrap has held up pretty well. Pretty straight forward since the frame is all straight lines.

  • Bad ass video @J-glide! Thanks!!

  • @J-Glide Thanks man, gonna try that one day!

  • Making carbon fiber rail covers now, soon they will be on sale..

  • @njcustom Pics

  • @J-Glide soon I will have some .. Almost in the molding process

  • bumping this topic as we haven't talked about it in awhile and it was mentioned in a thread. Hope this helps!

  • @MichaelW Which made me realize @njcustom was almost done making carbon fiber rail covers 4 months ago... Did that ever happen or did they not work out?

  • @thegreck the mold was not to my standards so I put it aside.. I've been making fenders every day and really don't have time for the rail covers just yet..

  • I got some cf wrap laying around from doing my cars interior trim and might eventually wrap my rails but for now I wanted to rock the blue. So what I did was go to Target and spent $3 on some rubber feet and put them on the corners of the board and it has kept it unscathed for now. I'm sure enough spills will knock them out but hey they are cheap as hell and I have plenty of extras as it is right now.

    Oh and I'm a super rookie on the OW and made another totally poser mod but I hooked my dogs short leash near the wheel so my board wouldn't take off on me as I perfect my stopping technique. I live in Hollywood so I'm in a high traffic area with people and babies and dogs every 5 feet so I needed to make sure this thing doesn't shoot out and hit someone. Also sometime I have to stop on a dime if I see a car pop out of a driveway so I just jump off and pull the leash. It hasn't taken off on me yet but I feel like it has the capability to do so if I get lazy.

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