COVID guilt

  • I have been very fortunate during this whole COVID pandemic. We are working at home and I am still getting a paycheck. Our community has, by and large, been passed by. I think we have had a total of only 9 confirmed cases.
    On Monday a local high end bakery offered us free donuts, but by Tuesday I felt so guilty for taking advantage that I went back a dropped $10 in the tip jar.
    I feel a bit the same with the OW. I am absolutely loving the the wide open empty streets this situation has created. I can slip out into the night, carve, float, and waltz away to some epic music on the earbuds. While the world is hiding inside. All of which makes me fill a bit guilty. So what I need now is the community "Tip Jar". How to pay it back for the joy I am getting from this situation.

  • Find some volunteer groups in your community. You can also do a "pay it forward". Go to the drive through at a fast food joint. Ask what the bill is for the car behind you -- if it's within what you can spend, pay for it and tell the clerk to let them know you are paying it forward.

    You get to work at home -- I have to trudge into the office each and very work day. What I do is very essential -- to the point they had/have plans to bring in cots and turn part of the building into living quarters and we would be quarantined at work.

  • @Sponge315 1EC0FF3E-F8FC-434E-ABCD-5387DA32E8CB.jpeg
    With our parks and recreation department furloughed, I decided to take matters into my own hands and start developing a Onewheel park with my own tools, time and money. This is my way of “paying forward” to my community.

  • @HanahsDax Nice! City land? BLM land? Resort land?
    Our city pushed some dirt around once and called it a BMX Park. (which you road once)
    Since then they have never touched it again. It is a rutted mess that never gets used for anything.
    A little shovel time and maybe a scrap wood ramp or two would go a long way.

  • @Sponge315 I’m in a unique situation. The land is National Forest land leased by the Telluride Ski and Golf Corporation but maintained by the Town of Mountain Village’s parks and recreation department. Too many cooks in the kitchen to enforce or regulate my “rogue” ops.

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