Onewheel Has Become Slower on Hills

  • I've noticed a weird issue recently and I'm not sure if it's me imagining things or if something actually happened. I got a Onewheel XR recently (only have 54 miles on it), and one day I noticed that going uphill seemed to be far slower than I had remembered. The board was going what seemed like barely 5 mph and when I'd lean to go faster, the board would start doing some aggressive pushback. That hill was relatively steep, but I've noticed a similar slowness on inclines that are far less steep (ones that I had at least remembered going far faster up before). Because now I feel like if I lean forward anymore I'll scrape the ground.

    At first I thought this was a low battery issue so I charged it up for 48 hours because I read that would help fix the battery if something was misbalanced. But that didn't seem to have a change. In general, it just seems like there's speed than I remember and I can't figure out why. I really don't know if this is something that's actually happening or if it's me being more cautious after nosediving before (but I do legitimately feel the hills have become far slower and barely worth trying anymore).

  • @ktheorin1 worth confirming your tire pressure. Could be a simple fix.

  • I noticed long ago that after a nosedive or two, I became more cautious trying to climb steeper hills as well. I've never gotten over it, but what I do now is I carve left and right a bit while going uphill and it seems to allow me to gain speed more quickly without having to tilt the nose down as much.

  • @stinkyface The tire pressure is right around 20 PSI, which I think it the correct PSI right?

  • @OneDan Yeah I figured there could be some element of caution going on. But it just seems like the nose is so close to the ground and I'm only going up a mildly steep hill very slowly.

  • @ktheorin1 hi. Something like this happened to my unit. There was water inside of it.
    It only had about 50% of battery capacity at that time, it would go from 70% to 14% then die very quickly. I opened it and put fans on it making sure everything thing was dry. There was green corrosion on the CPU that i had to use a copper brush on. I DISREGARDed the WARRANTY STICKERS as they are ILLEGAL as of 2 years ago..big ๐Ÿ–•๐Ÿฝ to FM for still trying to use these..
    Im gonna make a post about the faulty seal to call attention to this issue and pressure Future Motion to improve the battery tray and seal on the XR because its a joke. I have no commitment to FM, their customer service and sense of responsibility and accountability will be biting them in the ass soon. For the money the make kinda shoddy product. Take the XR apart then see if you donโ€™t agree with me.
    And thats why a freaking ONE YEAR WARRANTY is an absolute joke!!

  • @ktheorin1 said in Onewheel Has Become Slower on Hills:

    @stinkyface The tire pressure is right around 20 PSI, which I think it the correct PSI right?

    Yep, not yout tire pressure. Got any riding buds who can swap rides to compare?

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