Onewheel ride by itself

  • [Hey guys i would to ask something about my board, this board had some issue which is when im off from the board, the board itself ride backward without im riding, it happens so many time it ride by itself, dont you think what the issues is?? Plus the apps showing the battery percentage it temain 100% while im already ride for few days 😩😩😩 please anybody can help give some advice 🙏🏻)

  • @kyosya. A Onewheel moving on its own sounds to me like a problem with the grip tape over the sensor. Search YouTube for videos on replacing your grip tape -- or get a new footpad.

    Get an app to check your battery cell voltages for balance -- I use the Onewheel Community Edition app, but there are others. (Note: the XR only has 15 cells, while the Plus and V1 have 16, so for the XR one cell of the 16 in the app will read weirdly.) A solution I have read but not really tried for rebalancing the battery cells to get a more accurate percentage reading is to drain your battery to 'Captain Morgan' low battery pushback, turn the Onewheel off and wait a moment, drain it some more and again until it will no longer turn on, then charge it for 24-72 hours -- and hopefully that will correct the issue.

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