Details on pint digital shaping?

  • Does anyone have any specifics (more than just the general details in the manual) on the pint's digital shaping? I'm looking for specific details on what each mode is best for (terrain, stability, etc), as well as what each one feels like (more specifically Skyline and Elevated). I rode Redwood to start (stable), and graduated to Pacific (more carve-y), which I've been riding since then. Obviously, I can try out the others for myself :-P
    But I was just wondering if someone could clue me in to the difference between Skyline and Elevated! Thanks!

  • @rnengel85 well, i ride in Pacific these days, but a lot of people prefer Skyline, which i think is the loosest, most aggressive setting. Elevated is just that -- the nose is up higher, to help you get up hills and stuff. i'm not sure if Elevated is the same as Pacific (or Skyline), but with a higher nose, or what, though.

  • @Franko Thank you! I'm still getting used to this forum thing, and realized there were some past posts about this too. So, my apologies for rehashing something that's already been covered. face palm

    Appreciate the info. I tried cruising around on skyline last night, and it was indeed much more responsive and loose (easier to carve), but maybe not quite as stable? (As in, felt a little squirrel-y when going over bumps.) I've always kinda wondered what the term "aggressive" means in regard to the digital shaping, but maybe it means you have to really hold your own a lot more on rougher terrain?

  • @rnengel85 that makes sense to me, but who knows what FM was intending when they wrote those descriptions. i found them completely unhelpful when i first read them, too, haha -- it's more like you have to just try them all, and then you sort of understand where they are coming from.

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