Sealant- Stan’s or Slime?

  • Hi all
    Tire change time

    I’ve always religiously used Stan’s sealant in my MTB tires. Has anybody used it on the Onewheel?

    Or should I just use Slime?

    Suggestions and tips are greatly appreciated



  • @jackiemoon check out armor dilloz 👍🏽

  • I would go stan’s all the way. I have been using it in myb tires forever and have tried it on other tires over the years. Stans fills everything short of gashes

  • @jackiemoon
    Exactly two years ago, I posted this:
    "Six months back, my tire was slowly going flat every three days. Then one morning it was flat even though I pumped it up the night before.
    I unscrewed the valve stem and squirted about 4 oz. of additional Slime into the tire, cleaned the threads and screwed the stem back in. Been riding strong ever since, no leak, no wobble, no new tire after probably another 400 miles.."
    Now that same tire is still going strong.
    I'm not sure, but I think the different products can be mixed and that they all perform well.

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