Credit score needed for Klarna approval?

  • Does anyone know the average credit score one must have to be approved for Klarna? Every time I get to that screen after you click on complete purchase and it shows the possible price and percentage range, is as far as I get. When I try to finalize it, I get the payment can not be processed go back and try a different method. So I’m assuming the score is what’s preventing me from using Klarna tho they claim not to check score is around 613 which I didn’t think l was too terrible, at least decent enough to allow me to purchase it at a high rate maybe. Does anyone have any experience or thoughts with this? I would totally buy the pint if I could pay it out, in a second I would but I can’t seem to get approved. I even tried klarna directly to buy it via their app but they wouldn’t approve me for a ghost card for
    More tha. $160! Like I’m going to use them to pay For something that cheap in 4 payments lol.

    Again any advise or help is appreciated.

  • @jrgreene
    Its a joke. I have a credit score of 790, and same thing happened to me. I can get a car/home loan without batting an eye, but can’t buy a pint.🤦🏻‍♂️

  • @tuffcake thanks for letting me know; at least now I won’t waste my time continuing to apply with no hope of approval. That’s really frustrating - it’s not like the monthly payment amounts to very much..what are they so worried about!?

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