Any stores got them?

  • Hi, I am new in this forum - living in the land of snow, cold water and midnight sun, aka Norway. I have been following this forum for a while, and would like to get my hands on a board as soon as possible. Not ready to wait for 8-10 weeks.....

    Was in contact with a shop in Miami, but that did not work out (don´t think they got the boards they ordered..or they just did not care about the annoying Norwegian :))

    Do you know about any other stores that actually sell the Onewheel boards? That I could contact? I have friends in LA that will pick up or that I can ship to...they will take care of the shipping to me...

    Thanks in advance - Mahalo!


  • Just sent you a private message with a dealer that I know about in Asheville, NC

  • @atl1wheelin thanks a lot, send them a mail immediately 👍


  • Fritz skate shop in Miami might have one

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