XR Replacement Battery Options

  • XR Replacement Battery Options?

    I have a 4208 XR that the battery is about done.
    Looking at replacement options? There is an up grade options that I found from two vendors using the Sony VTC6 cells, or the std FM replacement battery. The two vendors are showing a $180 difference between the Two for basically the same pack? Who has actual experience and Can give an honest review?? Thanks

  • @Jr sorry i don't have any experience with either. Thought I'd mention this option in case you didn't know. The guy manages to fit 20700 cell size instead of the usual 18650 cells. Give a good increase in battery capacity.


  • So, I did my research and purchased the Chi battery thru Witz Wheel. ( Sony VTC6 cells) Paid a premium, but to me its worth supporting the small shop, as I run a small machine shop myself, and fully know the importance of supporting grass roots! ( Witz service was Excellent!)
    The smooth power delivery is really good! Changed the response completely. And power stayed steady all the way until about 15-20% If im to look for a downside? It would be the promised range extension? That didnt happen. About the same as the oem battery, maybe slightly less? The win is in the power delivery! I have 4 rides now on the new pack. Taking it down to about 8% every ride. Overall, Im happy with my decision to go with the Chi battery pack.

  • A month in now and 250 miles on the new pac. Milage has gained a little to 16.5 miles from full charge. The part Im stoked about is i can run all the way down to 5% before I start to feel the power fall off. I now normally take it to between 1-2% before I call it a ride! It took a little while for the pac to neutralize and become stable. Once that happened, I could not be more pleased! If your ready for a new pac, Certainly look into the Chi Battery! Witz Wheel stocks them. ( witz makes sure your satisfied! That counts in my book) Higher in the price range, but you do get what you paid for!

  • @Jr - if you're not seeing significant range increase, I would maybe check your bearings. If they are shot it can kill your range. In fact, many would say to check your bearings before you replace your battery, as a cheaper/more efficient fix for range loss.

  • @Jr was that the deal where you need to provide your BMS or did they give you a new or salvaged BMS?

  • Bearings are fine, recently mounted a burris treaded tire and inspected bearings. Smooth as butter.

    BMS was not effected by the upgrade, my board is a 4208

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