OneWheelers in the news

  • "Electric skateboard?" i beg your pardon! but seriously, it's nice to see people using their OneWheels and doing good in the world.

    Electric skateboard-mounted trash collector among U.S. protest volunteers:

  • @Franko I once picked up trash on my OneWheel for an association we manage. It was 1.3 miles of trash clean up. I was gonna snap a shot of all the trash I picked up and make a post saying, “picking up other people’s trash is gnarly, but it’s even gnarlier on a OneWheel.” Awesome someone is volunteering their time to perform such a necessary act.

  • @HanahsDax i wish i was good enough on mine to pick up trash that way. guess i should be practicing!

  • On my mainstay trail and in my neighborhood I had been picking up roadside trash using my Onewheel -- but my wife says with the pandemic, "No." I might start again if I can convince Ruth Anne that I will only pick up trash that is at least several weeks old. My method had been to stop every so often and collect that area, then remount and go to the next.

    In a similar vein, after windstorms I had been picking up sticks (and branches, and sometimes whole trees) off the paved rails-to-trails Greenway that I frequently ride. Onewheeling along I was using a 'grabber' tool on the fly to get the sticks. It was great fun with hand/eye coordination -- judging speed, reaction time, balance point on the sticks, and everything else. I was getting pretty good at it until I broke the grabber mechanism trying to pick up too big a stick.

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