New backpack for OW.....

  • I have the perfect backpack for the OW. It's make by Nike SB and as far as I can tell is no longer available. I've considered having a similar bag produced. Checking here to see if others would be interested and if so, what price would you be willing to pay? Any comments are appreciated. More pics on request.

    The bag has:

    -large pad in back (almosts acts as a frame)

    -zippered flap for end of board to hang out

    -pockets large enough for charging brick

    -very nicely padded straps and waist belt

    -space for helmet and other accessories


  • @rue1013 I'm still keeping an eye out for a similar pack :wink:

  • Me too. I am looking for something maybe smaller for the subway ride for my daily commute.

  • @rue1013 If you could come up with a similar backpack I'm sure you would have many folks here interested. You should be super stoked to have one of these guys...Some dude on ebay wants $999 for the goofy looking pacman version. lol.

  • 0_1453067817331_IMG_0448.JPG

    A friend of mine gave me this idea....a similar type of bag pictured but fitted for OW and a flap opening at the bottom for the board to hang out. Also, a separate compartment for a helmet/accessories. What do guys think?

  • I have been looking for bags where the board could hang out from the bottom but no luck so far. I am thinking of getting the Dakine mission 25L and hang the OW like a snowboard. Anyone has tried similar snowboard carry bags?

  • @rue1013: I definitly like that idea! Also have a look at the video about the chinese trotter board busted the CES1016. in the video you see a bag for about a secound which also has a nice design i think - i would just need some more space to add helmet and protector...

  • @cr4p I did see that bag in the video as well. My only concern with that bag is that the handles are like a gym bag and would get very heavy to carry around. You really need something with lots of padding in the back support and the shoulder straps for carrying more than 10 min. it seems from my experience.

  • I bought the Dakine mission backpack and I am returning it. The straps are too small, I could not fix the board on it. Back to searching for bags...

  • Came across listing for same one that @rue1013 has. Pricey but these are a pretty rare find.

  • Just another heads up...There's a black/teal one of these guys on ebay right now for $200.

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