XR making loud clicking noise-bad bearings??

  • My XR just started making a loud and 'feelable' clicking noise. Only does it going one way and not the other so a bit perplexed!? Could it be bad bearings?? Anyone???


  • @Adam-S Check the hub bolts for tightness. Check the tire pressure, too.

  • Check your tire to make sure you don't have something stuck in it. If you had a rock, tack, nail, etc. embedded in it, you might here and feel something when it came around. It could embed in a way where it affected one direction more than another.

    It could be that some of the axle bolts are loose. Check the 4 axle bolts on the outside of the rails. If they are all tight, take them off and check the silver ones inside the rails. If they are also tight, check every screw on the whole thing, because you don't want to go to the next step unless you have to. If they are all tight, then it might be your bearings are bad. If that is the case, then your motor is hitting the magnets attached to your wheel, which is not good. You would want to change your bearings right away.

    Audio would help diagnose. How many miles do you have on it?

  • I just purchased an XR, used with 637 miles on it. It has been making noises like a camera shutter going off. I didn't realize until reading this forum that its not normal. I checked bolts and tire and fender. still making noise. I was assured the board "runs perfectly" and paid a fair price all considering. Now I'm wondering if I got ripped off? How much is the repair? Is the axel damaged possibly?
    Thanks to anyone who can help.

  • @red7fade 600 miles and under normal use the bearings should be fine. But if nothing else (tire etc) are the cause then there is not much much else. Water in the bearings would explain why the bearings are wrecked early. Because you didn't buy new, you won't be able to know what the wheel should feel like rotated by hand or what noises are not normal.

    Get your bearings changed and I would look for a local OW shop to do it, not FM.

    If it is the bearings and you keep riding, then the noise is the rotor contacting the magnets and the axle will be ground out and a new motor/wheel will be required.

    Bearings are a consumable item. Post your location and others may be able to recommend a place ti get them done. Takes less than 1 hr in the shop.

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