Overcharge after miles of riding

  • After a sudden Overcharge Error at around 70% battery level I charged my onewheel for 2 days straight in an attempt to rebalance my cells. Now I rode it again down to around 80% and at the first downhill section, after only a few feet down, I instantly got the Overcharge error again and the battery was showing 100%. OW Buddy app was showing one cell off and the other cells at above 4.20 volt.

    Gonna drain it to 0% and then charge for 48 hours again.

    But anyone got a clue whats wrong here? Can't be water damage since it's been badgered and has only seen light rain since then. It's got around 3500 miles on it though.

    Is my BMS fried?

  • @Morfex This spring my V1 was acting similarly giving overcharge and dumping me with even the slightest bit of regen. I swapped out the entire battery/bms and have not had a problem since. To me the bms seems the likely suspect. Eventually I plan to open the old battery up and by-pass the bms with the zombie mod.

  • Thanks for the tip! I assumed it has to be the BMS since I've just swapped my battery recently. I gotta look into this Zombie mod before buying a (third) BMS...

  • @Morfex Look on the DIY Onewheel Facebook group and use the search.

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