Onewheel XR won't turn on!!! :(

  • When I have my onewheel in the charger, it blinks blue. When I take it out of the charger and try to turn it on nothing happens. Battery reads @ 00% in the app, but displays full battery icon. IMG_8048.PNG

  • @tiddybawls battery icon is always full. The battery level is a big blue bar which comes across the screen except when it thinks the battery level is zero.

    When on the charger, is the blinking steady or is it a series of flashes? If flashes, the number of flashes is your error code.

    With the info we have, its sounding like either the BMS or some cells are dead.

    Hey is this an older board? Say 2 yrs old or more? I can see it has stuff all miles but the serial number is close to mine.

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