Error 16 Still not fixed since V1?!?!

  • Just got an error 16 on the pint that threw my ass off the board hard! It said "Error 16, If happens again contact customer support" I laughed my ass off from that. Like I want to ride the damn board now knowing it could throw me off at any moment and wreck me. GTFO here! Anyways, Looked up error 16 on the internet and found out this has been happening since the beginning of OneWheels?! really wtf Future Motion?!?! I wish I knew about this error and how SLOW there support is to get a hold of. I would have bought a summerboard or something else. Not a piece of crap that has problems that should have been recalled and fixed 3+ years ago.

  • So it looks like error 16 is similar to errors 22 and 23 where they've recently (Firmware > 4209) integrated some check to make sure you haven't modified the board to get more range. This check has a MAJOR bug issue as many, like you, have described being thrown off their board after they've ridden 8-9ish miles.

    That specific issue hasn't existed until recently (past ~6 months or so), but generally about 95% of the situations people describe their board turning off randomly is typically from rider error.

    If you are having the "Invalid hardware detected" issue, here are two workarounds until FM fixes it:

    • Just before your board reaches 9 miles, turn it off and then turn it back on. It may be slightly less I can't recall exactly
    • Don't connect your phone to the OW (aka don't open the app) at any time during the ride

  • @zapp thank you for the input! I do not get any message saying "invalid hardware detected" though. I was just riding along after about 2 miles going about 14 mph and my pints motor just stopped working and I got thrown to the pavement. My back hurts like no other today. Anyhow, when I got my bearings back and went to step on the board to ride it that's when I noticed the error by the light on top of the pint. It was blinking. I counted the blinks and it was 16. Then I turned the power off and back on and the app said "error 16 if problem occurs again please contact customer support." I have looked up this problem and it has been happening since the beginning of onewheels. Which is pathetic.

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