Motor “cough”?

  • I’m curious if anyone else has had the motor do a little “cough” sound while pushing the board hard. It’s only happened a few times, but I’m wondering if it means I’m a moment away from overwhelming the motor and cartwheeling off the front end :-)

    Today’s scenario - riding my OW+XR uphill on smooth pavement, fast, accelerating, 40% battery - marveling at how much more torque I seem to have with “aggressiveness” set at 11 and a slightly smaller tire (FF Hoosier Street "Whisper 6").

    Everything feels strong then there’s a slight pause in the motor noise - a little cough, if you will - before full awesomeness resumes. I didn’t really notice the board nose dipping, but I’m not sure I would since I’d been riding full-on over road, dirt and grass since leaving my house. If it dipped, I probably just adjusted automatically.

    Before you holler “idiot! You’re asking for trouble”, consider that I’ve ridden over 3000km on my OW, OW+, and OW+XR without experiencing a personal “nosedive” (which I’ve always assumed is rider error, not a board error...). I’m not a newbie.

    But, I also recently swapped the stock tire (LOVE the Whisper 6!!) and switched from “mission” to “custom, aggressive 11” and noticed my top speed crept up to 29.4kph/18.3mph. (real speed or undersize tire?). I weigh 72kg/160lbs.

    Loving the extra torque & speed, but wonder if I am an idiot asking for trouble...

    And if anyone else has heard the motor cough... and what it means...

    And if I should invest in some fangs - lol


  • I'm 200# and surging is common pushing uphill but it does mean your taxing the motor/battery and should back off a bit, I never ride aggressively below 50% anymore.
    fangs have kept me on the board several times, sooo much cheaper than a broken body part,Highly recommend the minis

    • Anytime the board has less than 50%, you should start taking aggressive things, like going up a hill at a pretty decent pace, more cautiously because when you lean forward the motor is going to have to pull (exponentially?) more from the batteries to hold you up, but to increase speed at an angle.
    • Depending on how old the board is, the batteries might not hold as much juice as they used to, so they'll have a harder time going up hills

    I had a V1 and was able to get to 24MPH on it once and can now only get to 17 max before teh motor starts giving out. The difference is that the 24MPH was when the board was still practically new, but now that I've added over a thousand miles to it, the batteries have definitely degraded.

  • Thanks for the comments. I didn't think about the battery getting worn down, or that a full battery performs differently and a discharged battery...

    This board has 1300km on it and is one of the early XRs off the line (pre-order). And, the battery does sometimes drop from 20% to 0% without warning, so it's obviously a little worn.

    I'll back off a little... and look for an upgrade when the next XR model comes out! Maybe the XXR? :-)

  • @jeff8v7
    Hi Jeff,
    I just read you post and we are similar with mileage and perhaps experience.
    I had fee tried going off stock with anything yet. I live in LA and need to find experienced tire guy swapper uhh person.
    My concerns are what to clean around bearings with as well as changing bearings for new and possibly better ones. Seems not only have to go to a machine shop but find someone to do it properly.
    Not a fan of sending in board to FM. That's like taking my Lexus to Lexus for maintenance. Throwing money away i can't afford. My XR has 1k now. Seems to have more torque than my old plus.
    I have to say be careful when trusting board up and downhill. Going down you run risk of board sitting off if you over charge. I'm sure you know that. Going uphill keep in mind there is a few risks.
    Damage to your motor. On lower battery charge you may feel a pulsing it slipping. Took me long time to figure out my batteries were not balanced. Once a month charge board overnight to prevent this. Number 2? Do not take board uphill less than 10%. Just my rule but i think safe one. Nothing sucks more then board shutting off throwing you more until you experience that AND having to chase after it racing downhill.
    Most important man is be careful with the trust thing. We all have to trust our boards but machines do faulter. I had FM replace my front of because sensor went faulty, thought i was not onboard and threw me. 6 months later my shoulder feels as painful as when i injured it.

  • @SlyFoxxx
    Thanks for your suggestions. I hear you on the trust thing, machines fail sometimes. I've only had 1 painful fall... on my OW+ a couple years ago. My fault, not the board, but any caution I learned has long since worn off...

    For some reason, I trust my OW+XR and just ride like it's unfailable. Maybe it's the increase in torque over the older boards. Since it seems unlikely that I'll be more careful, I picked up a pair of fangs front wheels to help in the case I push the board too far :-) Looking forward to trying them out. Got a pair for my loaner board (OW+) too, so my friends are less likely to hurt themselves (which did happen once).

    I definitely recommend a FF Hoosier Whisper 6" tire if you can afford it. I installed it myself. Breaking the bead by hand took some serious effort (going to a tire shop would've been a better idea), but everything else was easy enough. Just follow the instructions on YouTube. I opted not to replace the bearings... more work than I wanted to undertake.

    The new tires is soft enough that I just used a bike pump to seat the bead.

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