board slows down uncommanded

  • Every once in awhile my plus will start slowing down uncommanded with the nose raising till the tail starts dragging and I hop off when it's almost at a stop. I check the blue light and it's blinking about twice a second instead of the (normal) once every two seconds. I turn it off then on and am good to go. Also, about every 20th start up I get the twice a second shit and have to do the off - on routine and the light returns to (normal) blinking and I can ride. I bought the board with 86 miles on it (now it has 1200 +) and it's always done that every 20th or so startup but the slowing down shit is fairly new. Any idea's? Thanks in advance.

  • @speedracer count the number of blinks in a row and that is your error code.

  • The blinking goes on to infinity and I can't count that high.

  • @speedracer -- True, that is how it seems. One pause between blinks will be ever-so-slightly longer. So, if you really want to know, you count the blinks between the slightly longer pauses between blinks. And then you could tell us what you find. Best of luck!

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