First nosedive (low battery)

  • Well, it happened last night. I was almost home, and my battery on the pint was at 11 percent. I'm not quite sure why, perhaps I accelerated at that point and the battery couldn't take it, but the board completely cut out - no pushback warning at all. I flew off and did a nice slide, super man style, as if sliding into home base. Thankfully, the wrist guards took most of the beating. I have a little road rash on my lead knee, and my lead shoulder is sore as well. I got back on the board, and it still had enough power to take me home, but I just went super slowly. The last time my battery ran out while riding, I got lots of pushback which slowed me down until it died. So I'm not quite sure what happened here. Has anyone else experienced this before?

  • @rnengel85 how fast do you think you were going? i haven't experienced it, but it sounds like it was working as intended when the battery is that low and it gets taxed beyond its abilities. i've drained my battery completely, but by the time i got down to single-digit percentages i was maybe moving at a walking pace.

  • @rnengel85 I do know the confused/bewildering feeling of trying to understand why something of that sort has happened to my Onewheel and to me. Sometimes I wish there was a flight control black box that would explain. After such an incident I do tend to ride much more cautiously, thinking deeply about what might have happened. Following falls I also have increased my use of safety gear.

  • @Franko I'm not sure how fast I was going, but I would say "normal" speed. Not pushing any limits, but not going at a snail's pace either. And the board allowed me to do it, until it didn't, haha. I guess the thing that puzzles me is that I didn't get any pushback before it happened.

  • @blkwalnutgrwr Yes! It's got me seriously thinking about whether or not I should install fangs as well...

  • @rnengel85 i wonder if it didn't even have enough power for the pushback warning, which is definitely a scary thought to consider...

  • Exact same nose dive happened to me a few days ago. I was down to 11% going up a slight incline probably at around 15mph and didn't feel any pushback at all. I didn't check the battery % as I was on my way home and only 5 blocks out. Oddly, after the nose dive, the board gave considerable pushback warning and the battery light went from yellow to red. I ordered Fangs right away (back ordered)... might help me get over this low battery nose dive anxiety. Would be nice to have an audible alert?

  • @rnengel85
    Unfortunately when any OW falls below the 50% battery level the available power and motor torque are reduced. My rule of thumb has been to mellow my ride a bit at each 10% drop then once I hit say 20% it is Sunday Driver mode and I am fully aware of all uneven terrain ahead and slow down going up hills. Based on my 240 LBS I feel the motor surge and know to back down even more..... Back in Feb this year I learned that going at even 8 or 9 MPH with a battery below 30% and encountering a slight pothole (hidden by water) you can break stuff via the infamous "NoseDive".... Ride aware and enjoy the carve...

  • @grendel Interesting, and see, I was even aware of my battery level, so, bad on me. I had been checking it frequently because I went on an extra long ride and wasn't sure I'd be able to make it back. I wish the Fangs weren't so expensive!

  • @LidPhones This is excellent info, thank you! I am most definitely going to be aware of my speed when the battery starts getting low. Once I got back on the board after nose-diving, I inched my way home. I was scared! One time is enough >.<

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