Intro / tired foot / next steps?

  • Hey all.

    I've been loving reading this forum and decided to finally post something.

    First of all, I'm 52 and I've never snowboarded or skateboarded in my life. I decided to get my XR+ in May after the lockdown days started. I figured it'd be fun and something I'd use occasionally. I had no idea how amazingly fun it would be and how addicted I'd become to the feel of riding. It's actually a little frustrating when people ask (all the time) what it's like, because I really can't do it justice. It's SUCH an amazing device.

    I feel like I'm a reasonably competent basic rider at this point. I'm confident on our neighborhood streets, I'm fine in (relatively light, pretty suburban) traffic, and I've done some offroading, which is a blast. I use Mission as my default, Delirium for trails, and I've recently started experimenting with custom modes for a slightly tuned road experience. I can jump off curbs pretty confidently, but going up anything with a substantial bump is still out of my league.

    I have a couple of questions for you wise folks out there.

    First off, cornering is mostly fine at this point, but if I'm trying to take a long toe-side turn at speed, I feel it in the ball of my front foot after just a few seconds. I recently bought some Nike SB shoes and that helps, but I still feel like maybe I'm doing something wrong on these long gradual curves. Is this just how it is? Would FlightFins help with this, since I'm guessing you can sort of lean into the fins?

    Second, like I said, I feel like a competent beginner. What should I focus on next? My guess at this point is to become good at riding fakie. I've seen videos of learning how to go up curbs and whatnot, but it feels like I should be able to reverse this thing quickly and be able to confidently take off backwards as well as forwards as a key skill first.

    Anyway, I'm really loving my OneWheel, and this forum is such a great asset. You all are awesome.

  • @squirrelguy wow, you sound exactly where i am at in all ways, except that i just turned 53 (oh, and i snowboard, and skateboarded waaaay back in the day). i am currently vowing to learn fakey for the same reason, and i've been pretty comfortable at going off curbs, but i haven't mustered the nerve to try going up them yet. anyway, welcome! i'm not sure what to say about your toeside turn question -- that doesn't happen to me. sorry. my guess is that maybe flight fins would be a help, though.

  • @squirrelguy , I am new to this as well, just got the pint. As to your turning issue. If heel side turns come easy, you need to commit to the toe turn. I taught snowboarding and everyone had a preference for either heel or toe side to start. Find a nice wide space, start slow with long sweeping toe turns to get comfortable with the motions. Start shortening your time between turns as you feel more comfortable and your off ......

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