Pint stopped on me tossing me and my 🍻?

  • hey guys and gals,
    new owner and rider here but i dont think this was beginner related?

    headed out to the store the other day to pick up a sixer. its about 1.2 mile trip. Smooth sailing up until about 20 ft from my drive way when it seemed like the board turned off and thus lost balancing. this left me ‘going what the hell’ just as i nose dive tossing my six pack and glasses and somersaulting on the asphalt.

    So i was on relatively smooth road maybe going 10 mph and my battery was around 75%. after the spill i had an error code message from the app with the board flashing red. i rebooted the board and walked the rest of the way.

    Now just before reaching the store i did seem to notice a lack of power and speed but thought maybe it was just me being un familiar with the area i was riding.

    ive sent in an email to tech w diagnostics and am waiting reply but thought id float it here to see what others thought. Again i didnt feel any push back-it felt like it just when off or into ‘neutral’ and was well below speed.

    i can handle me fucking up and bailing, but it the boards gonna short out on me, that just crazy dangerous.


  • @beatsnblunts -- Did you have your Pint on 'Simple Stop'? There is an issue discussed on the Onewheel Riders Facebook website where the board reacts as if 'Simple Stop' had been engaged and throwing the rider. Use the search there to find more information.

  • Any response from FM? Also what error code did you get exactly?

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