Pint stopped on me tossing me and my 🍻?

  • @benthik I don't think sending a diagnostic report from the app guarantees a response from Future Motion unless you send it while on the phone with tech support. I recall a disclaimer saying humans don't look at the reports but they're gathered in aggregate for the OW app team to look at in developing future firmware and app updates.

  • This has happened to me on my pint 2 times now. I end up with error 16 both times. Hasn't done it for about 300 miles though now. If Future Motion knew how the hell to run a business and test firmware and hardward better than they do these problems would not occur. Also them adding firmware that stops ppl from upgrading their Onewheel with an additional battery is screwing things up. My friend gets a error 23 (incompatible hardware detected) on his XR and he has to reset his board every time he rides it. My 2 cents.....Future Motion is ripping people off big time. Especially bullshit like "send it to us if you need a new battery" Fuck you Future Motion how bout you stop being greedy fucks and let us buy batteries. It all comes down to horrible business practices from FM. Now if they let you do things like float lifes "Growler" upgrade for a XR. Then i would not say Fuck you to Future Motion. Until then .... a big fuck you!!!!! It seems to be all about the money for FM. They don't give a shit about us.

  • @benthik Re: Pint stopped on me tossing me and my 🍻?

    I had the same thing happen. I was cruising in a strait line under the pushback speed, probably around 13mph on flat pavement when my pint came to an immediate stop and nosedive. There was no warning and it happened out of nowhere. I flew off forward and shattered my elbow badly. Had 3 surgeries and my arm will never be the same. I just couldn't trust the ow after that. The board only had about 30 miles on it. I talked to support and they ran me through the usual steps of checking the footpad, sending in videos and diagnostics. The board is in perfect working condition and it seemed like the support person was kind of mad at me and a little skeptical. Not too sure what to do at this point. They said I could send it in but I'd have to pay 80$. My surgeries and medical bills cost over $100,000.00 Use at your own risk.

  • I had an accident the other day on my OneWheel Xr. I was cruising along having fun, I had just turned around for 50%battery warning went a mile or so and all of a sudden woke up in ambulance? The tip of the OneWheel has gouges like I nose dived? I don't remember anything before during or after this happened? i had helmet in but hit hard fell unconscious and woke up in ambulance. I believe the XR malfunctioned, I don't remember hitting anything on a very clean flat bike trail. I am recovering and trying to figure out what happened and to let everyone know to be very careful. Board was on13% batt and I was going less than 19. I sent diagnostics to OneWheel waiting on their comments. This is a very dangerous design or what ever is the cause and people need to be aware

  • i've been tossed 3 times on my V1 , all three pretty mild speeds around 12mph but all ended in major road rash, 3rd toss was pretty bad didnt break anything but landing on the same spot while healing sux, super skech getting on the thing now,wondering if riding barefoot has anything to do with being tossed? i have a pint as well and while i havnt rode barefoot it hasnt tossed me, freakin' sux when that nose just pounds to the ground and gets you airborne!

  • @pavonewheel said in Pint stopped on me tossing me and my 🍻?:

    Board was on13% batt and I was going less than 19.

    Sorry to hear about this. Was wondering about the above, were you actually at 13% battery doing somewhere near 19 mph? I have almost 6,000 miles on OneWheels and my last major fall was at 600 miles and I was doing 21 mph, well past pushback. However, my current speed limit is around 17 tops and when my battery gets below 30% remaining, I keep the speed at or under 10 mph. I can tell when it's that low (even though I can see it on my watch) because it has issues going over even small bumps and up sidewalk ramps. So, to me, going 19 mph with 13% battery is definitely pushing the OW too hard. Disregard this if it was a typo.

    Hope you heal up well!

  • No I was not going 19 that was a reading on the screen for Mission top speed, I have no idea how fast I was going, probably around 10. I hit my head and don't remember anything from cruiser before till I woke up in ambulance. I had a helmet on but it knocked me out completely, I have a brain hematoma now and cant ride for 4 months till it heals.

  • @pavonewheel whoa -- i ride at that speed all the time. what kind of helmet did you have on? that's super scary!

  • It was a brand new TurboSke rated high with all the certs. I sent board in and will see what they say, I am pretty confident it was a malfunction. It was clear flat and sunny out, I was having a lot of fun carving then something happened. With all of this said I can't wait to get back on it, although I will have a fear that I never had before which sucks.

  • sad to hear that man

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