Pint riding off by itself

  • Hey folks,

    I have already created a ticket with @Future-Motion about this but as that's taking way longer than I anticipated I wonder if anyone has ever experienced something similar and what have you done?

    Just a disclaimer that I'm not a newbie on the Pint (have put a couple of hundred of miles on it already, bit over 200 at least) so I know how the board operates.

    About one week ago I did a skid stop and when I was already off the board it kept riding itself in the opposite direction. Considering it was a skid stop I'm aware that sometimes some residual wheel spin could cause the board to roll for a while until it stops however this time the board was gaining speed! As if someone was riding it. It only stopped because it hit very strongly a wall and flipped over. The wheel was still spinning like crazy when I grabbed the board to turn it off. It was really scary and I'm glad no one was around as the board was behaving like a 20 pounds missile.

    Have any of you experienced something similar? Since then I have performed many tests on the board and the footpad sensors seem to be working as they should all the time (which I thought were the culprit). It goes without saying that I'm feeling really apprehensive right now and starting to see my Pint as an unreliable board although I love riding it.

    I also want to mention that although this time it was a skid top, it could easily have been a jump off dismount that triggered the problem, so this is pretty serious.


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