Surf vs. Snow vs. Skate...

  • Hey all, I am over two weeks in with my own XR, and enjoying every minute. I have a few friends with boards that I have ridden several times in the past few years and had to have one.

    I am not disappointed. I grew up in Southern CA, skating, surfing, mountain biking and snow boarding. I have been on some 10mi+ rides on smooth hilly streets and cannot believe how much it feels like flowing down a freshly groomed Cat trail. I have yet to get out in some dirt (other than a smooth dirt path), but can’t wait to see how loose this thing can get.

    While this thing is like nothing else, it seems to remind me most of hard pack snow. What do you all think? I just checked tire pressure for the first time and it was about 16lbs, pumped up to 25 in hopes of a little more edge feel at speed.

    Super stoked! Day streak leaders are way up there, but look for me at the top someday...


    23171A17-8505-481F-A9D8-419012619392.jpeg 3D2C3603-1FB4-4BE5-A56D-1DFD2016D149.jpeg 35B6AE24-3CBB-4AF0-96FE-A8BFF446EDE3.png