Serial Number Database (Anti-Theft)

  • When a board is stolen there is no way to track it. Simply locking the board is not enough, because when my Onewheel+ XR was stolen someone carried it away and ran with it. I would love to let these crooks go on a joy ride with it and record themselves riding it! There needs to be an update to the app so we are able to see the serial numbers of the boards in that area. Allowing us to have a timestamp on our rides in the app would allow us to filter out other rides prior to the board being stolen. This isn't a privacy violation this is a necessary feature that all boards must have as a safety feature! At least make it optional toward the people who have no problem being tracked just like our cell phones do.

  • @decloedte or simply just able to add contact information & ownership info with-in the app... they keep the mileage why can’t they keep a name, phone # or address of where to return.
    Unfortunately I found a Onewheel ditched in an industrial Alleyway the other day & have been trying to lactate it’s owner. I called Onewheel but their phones are closed for COVID so I sent them an email to see if the s/n was registered to anyone & currently waiting on a reply.

  • So your entire "find my stolen board" would be completely dependent upon the thief downloading the app and recording their rides in the app right?

    Either the thief isn't going to know about the app (and just selling it for a little cash), or it would be someone that would know now to record their rides. Not to mention people like me who recorded a few rides at first, but now use a third party app (relive) to record rides that gives a lot more detain, and makes a cool video of the ride as well.

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