Reduce foot fatigue with toe plate, Kush Hi and Burris threaded tire

  • Being a life long snowboarder and the importance of good bindings, I always felt something missing in riding a Onewheel XR.
    My heel side turns on the Onewheel weren't as crisp as my toeside and the longer the distance I rode the weaker my heelside became.

    I added a Burris threaded tire which made turns much quicker and then a Kush Hi rear footplate which reduced foot fatigue.
    Then when I added a homemade toe plate or"hook" to simulate snowboard bindings so I can tilt the Onewheel easier to heelside and didn't have to fight the board. That when everything changed for me.

    I tested it all week and just came back from 2 trips around Stanley Park in Vancouver, Canada (total 22 km ) and that's on the road since the park board closed one lane just for cyclist. Very little leg/foot fatigue and I feel locked in now.
    Actually, I made one for the back foot but that after testing, it wasn't necessary.
    One size doesn't fit all since some people are regular foot and different shoe sizes and shapes. I have one on my plus also.
    They're made of 3/16-1/4" abs plastic, heat gun bent.

    alt text
    alt text
    alt text

  • @lemur looks like a simple yet clever idea. sort of a poor man's flight fin

  • I did this last year, goin on 1300 miles like that
    alt text

  • @b0ardski
    Looks good!
    I can't believe what a difference it makes on a long ride.

  • It keeps my feet in place over bumps roots and curb drops and really helps fine control on big heelside carves.

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