Onewheel V1 noisier than Plus or XR?

  • Maybe someone can give me some insight on a V1 with 200kms I just bought.
    The V1 sounds like a turbine compared to the later generations, I do have a Plus and XR.
    Also the V1 feel like a typical brushless motor where you can feel the magnets when the wheel is spun by hand with the power off, whereas the Plus and XR feels smooth. Hope it's not the wheel bearings.

  • @lemur Sounds normal for the transverse flux 500 watt V1 compared to the 750 watt Hypercore. My XR is named Stealth Mode and my V1 is named Blue Jay because it’s slower and noisier.

  • @HanahsDax
    Thanks for the explanation and your own experience.
    I checked a hub motor on a electric skateboard and it was notchy due to the magnets.

  • @lemur -- One of my V1 hubs felt like... tic, tic, tic... at first. After riding it a few days it smoothed out.

  • Agree that V1 is noisier.

    A smaller detail I noticed is that the XR is louder at a standstill (while active) vs the V1 but once you start moving the V1's noise becomes more noticeable.

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