Onewheel V1 noisier than Plus or XR?

  • Maybe someone can give me some insight on a V1 with 200kms I just bought.
    The V1 sounds like a turbine compared to the later generations, I do have a Plus and XR.
    Also the V1 feel like a typical brushless motor where you can feel the magnets when the wheel is spun by hand with the power off, whereas the Plus and XR feels smooth. Hope it's not the wheel bearings.

  • @lemur Sounds normal for the transverse flux 500 watt V1 compared to the 750 watt Hypercore. My XR is named Stealth Mode and my V1 is named Blue Jay because it’s slower and noisier.

  • @HanahsDax
    Thanks for the explanation and your own experience.
    I checked a hub motor on a electric skateboard and it was notchy due to the magnets.

  • @lemur -- One of my V1 hubs felt like... tic, tic, tic... at first. After riding it a few days it smoothed out.

  • Agree that V1 is noisier.

    A smaller detail I noticed is that the XR is louder at a standstill (while active) vs the V1 but once you start moving the V1's noise becomes more noticeable.

  • Update:
    My V1 broke, got bummed out so I found a V1 locally with 10 kms on it. Comes with the box and Ultra charger.
    I paid a "premium price" $1200 Canadian.
    It was used as a movie prop.
    This "new" V1 is so much quieter, so I think my broken V1 has bad bearings. Also there's very little drag with no power compared with the rough notchy feeling with the broken V1.
    v1 new.jpg
    I'll do a wheel disassembly when I have time and find bearings locally.
    v1 screen.png

  • @lemur
    Tore into the old noisy V1 motor today, here's what inside a Fluxcore 500 watt motor.
    The seven allen head screws are red loctited in, so use a good quality allen wrench.
    The motor magnets look like they're covered in plastic and stator is potted.
    The small bearing is rusted and rough and that's where the noise was coming from.
    Small bearing is 6206 (17x40x12 mm)
    Large bearing is 6906 (30x47x9 mm)
    Both bearings are common and top quality will cost slightly more, but still under $20 each max.
    Very east to replace.

  • Hello All! New to the forum but got a used v1 and fixed it last year, sadly I broke the BMS then sold the controller...

    Now I am trying to attach a VESC, and need the pinot of the V1 hall sensor cable.
    @lemur did you happen to take a better picture of the PCB? Would like to not tear mine apart

    @lemur said in Onewheel V1 noisier than Plus or XR?:


    I tried wiring it up and only got 1/3 halls connected. Some trial and error did not help me either.

  • @fosterqc
    I'm sorry, but that's the only picture I took of the stator and V1 motor is assembled now. I'm just waiting for parts for the broken BMS.
    Too bad you sold the controller as the wheel will work with a by-passed bms, just need a external type of switch to turn it on.

  • @lemur Thanks for getting back to me quick, I figured you did not take any close ups or you would have posted it.
    I Found one bearing swap/motor disassembly video for the v1 hub but they also had no close ups.
    best frame, not super clear

    you are just saying what I tell myself all day every day esp during quarantine.

    The truly unfortunate part is I have over 200 A123 M1B cells sitting here so I would have battery swaps for days...

    I don't like thinking about it that much

    What I do like thinking about is how I am going to take it from being a regular V1 to something totally different hopefully.

    How do you think it would ride at 75V haha?

  • @fosterqc
    75 volts should definitely make the V1 faster and brushless motors can be over overvolted and still survive.
    I was thinking of a gas motor add-on and make a "hybrid" but still haven't been able to make the Ardruino and gyro move the servo for the throttle fast enough. Anyways, it's just an idea.

  • @lemur

    I think you might want to join our group where we work together on this stuff.

    Here this fantastic man has it all done for you, Plug and Play!!

    hope these links make it through!

    "gas motor add-on and make a 'hybrid' but still haven't been able to make the Ardruino and gyro move the servo for the throttle fast enough"
    oh you mean like wearing a gas generator?

    That's a pretty old school idea given how you could get all the energy you need from modern battery cells with less weight and much less danger of fire potentially.

    Cool idea though! I would like to see it attempted

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