2 more days before I ride againnnnnn!

  • Its been over a month and a half but my buisness trip is finally coming to an end!

    Not going to lie... I'm a little nervous, like a returning to a long lost love... will I perform well? Will she?

    hah I kid! But i am a bit nervous since the last time I fully rode I sprained my ankle, I didn't think it would be that serious but damn after over an month it hasn't healed and still feels a bit weak! How long does a sprain usually take to heal??

    Im actually returning to two brand new boards, the one I rode normally was sent back to repair due to battery/sensor issues just before leaving. SO I'm prayingggg they'll be 100% as so many of you have no issues. Ive gone through two boards with 2 issues... 3rd times a charm?

    ANYWHO! this pointless ramble is my excitement coming to its final peak- I really can't wait to take more videos, expect some epic shit coming soon!

  • Awesome! Just make sure to take it easy and ride cautiously. I say this as someone who doesn't wear protection and has taken a beating with only scrapes and minor cuts to show for it. Thankfully as I've learned to not push the board, it will not fail you. Now when I nosedive it's always because I've chosen to push the limits for some extra excitement and because I'm prepared for the possibility I'm ready to run it out. Do so at your own risk.

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