Anyone else getting numb feet?

  • I’ve been riding every day (5-10 miles) for about a month. Lately I have noticed that the outside half of my back foot is numb, resulting in less control (very weird). I’ve tried adding a grip pad and also arch supports but numbness persists. Anyone else? Any suggestions?

  • @walkingsucksnow I've been riding for almost 3 years and over 5,500 miles (wow, really? that far on an electric board!) Sometimes, my feet still get numb, but usually after 8 or 9 miles.

    That said, in the beginning I had similar problems as you. Don't forget, your using different muscle sets than almost any other sport. It took me hundreds, maybe 500, miles to get more accustomed. I tried 3 different shoes until I finally found some that worked better. I also learned that if I roll my feet sideways occasionally while riding it helps a lot with the numbness. Depending on if you ride more street or rougher trails, relaxing your entire body (through to your feet) so you are basically just standing on top of the board (floating), rather than trying to aggressively control it, helps me a lot.

    Noting your username, I think you agree that it's worth the initial pain and making adjustments to be riding one of the coolest inventions I know of.

    Float on!

  • 2 things really helped my foot fatigue, gel insoles w/arch support, and proride foam grip pads
    ps luv the username

  • I’ve not noticed my feet getting numb but they will get sore and start burning on long rides. The cure is to carve a lot and change your stance to ride the opposite way you normally do.

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