Floats with wolves...

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    There's a 30km forest trail on the island where I live in Sweden, and it just serves up one surprise after another. Sometimes it's a great sunset, like in the picture. Other times, as you're silently floating over pine needles, you can experience nature -- like the time I rode alongside 5 deer that were running through the forest by the trail. Or that time my buddy just about got t-boned by a buck that was crossing the trail at a full run. OK, never floated with wolves. That was clickbait, but I have floated with a curious red fox!

    Anyway, there's no other vehicle that's so quiet, so smooth and so well tolerated by the other people on the trail than my Pint. 13 out of 10 will float again and again.

  • @hattifnatt -- Easy to imagine floating with wolves in the wilderness. Beautiful photograph!

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