Security and Anti-Theft Features.

  • @Lia yeah, though i guess you could just NOT have it always plugged into the port. just have an adapter + cable spool kit that was mounted to the wheel like the mag handle, just on the other side. when you wanna charge, you just pull out the cord, plug one end into the board, and the other end into a wall socket.

  • @Swinefeaster Oh nvm I'm dumb, I thought you meant in a future version they build the brick into the board with an AC in port somewhere.

    Your idea sounds reasonable, if your fender looks anything like mine strapping the brick to it wouldn't look too out of place with all the other clutter on mine currently.

  • @Lia i'm learning curb nudges and rolling the board a lot, so i don't think i'll be strapping anything to my fender anytime soon. hell i guess i could put the brick in my pocket, though it make make my pants slide off if i'm not careful. i am getting the hyper charger soon... wonder if it's the same size.

  • the hypercharger is big, it will not fit in my cargo pocket where the regular charger does, and at least a pound heavier

  • @b0ardski damn there goes that dream

    i wish you could just plug it into a tesla charger

  • @Glyph said in Security and Anti-Theft Features.:

    r speeds, and I constantly sw

    ok i totally take it back. got my own xr today and i am happiest in a custom setting between delirium and mission... especially with the hoosier tf2

  • @Swinefeaster - Enjoy your XR! A word of warning on the FFT2 - above 20 PSI, it gets dangerously squirrelly on pavement, with unpredictable response when turning and carving (it's fine offroad, but on pavement it tends to catch the ridged edge between tread and sidewall). At about 18 PSI, it's perfectly rideable on pavement.

  • @Glyph @Swinefeaster yeah, I run mine around 16/17 psi . . . just squirrely enough!

  • @OneDan - I'm used to running a pretty high PSI - I used to run my Whisper at 27 (now 25) and I tried everything between 20-29 on the FFT2 but never felt safe on pavement. I kind of hated the tire for that reason and badmouthed it a lot on the subreddit. Finally I read a ShreddLabs review where they noted the tire's squirrelliness and why, and said that dropping down 2-3 pounds from 20 helped smooth those eccentricities out. I tried it and at 17-18 it's perfectly fine.

  • hmmm i know what you mean about the edge, but so far it's not been an issue for me. i'll report back after a few days. 17psi on pavement just felt too "sticky", like when i'm riding my mtb on pavement with really low psi.

  • seems 19psi is the happy setting for me on the fft2.

    have you guys tried "shaping" the tire to get rid of the edge? there's videos on it by ff, but i guess it would probably decrease it's lifespan since you are effectively removing rubber.

    (sorry i know i'm totally derailing this thread)

  • @Swinefeaster I think 19 is fine too, but go past 20 and it gets dodgy to me.

    I wouldn't remove that edge though, because it really bites into dirt, that's why the tire works so well offroad.

  • I mean, let's not overthink this.

    Why not a physical key to turn where the button is now?

    Or how about a small hole straight through somewhere, basically just big enough to accommodate a kryptonite-style lock through the board?

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