Won't Charge popping sound in back

  • I've sent an email to support, but while I wait, I'll describe my frustration...
    Rode at the beach today. Got in the surf and got it wet, but it kept going with no problems. When I was done at the beach, I saw that the power button was stuck from sand. Washed the whole OW off with a hose, and then I rode around to burn the rest of the juice out. Right before it died I hopped off, but it kept going, gently crashing into an island. I rode the final bit of juice out a few seconds afterwards, and then I took it to charge.
    I blew into the xlr/charge port to make sure any drops of water would be blown out. It was slightly wet inside, and I blew it out again. Finally, I plugged it in, but the Ultra Charger never switched from green to red.
    I plugged in at another outlet, and this time it would stay solid blue when I plugged in (no change from green to red on UC still), and the app would say to place it on the ground to start up, which I began doing.
    Unplugged, it would flash four blinks (boot up error). Finally giving up on charging it, I put it up.
    Two hours later, I plugged it in and got the steady blink that one gets on a recharge. Still no change on UC from green to red, and I started hearing a popping noise from the back. Sounded like someone thumping the plastic housing. When I unplugged it, the power button won't come on, and now when I plug it in, just as I'm inserting the xlr connection, I hear an electric pop.
    When I step on the OW with it plugged in, it will go and the motor works, but it won't take a charge and makes the popping noise sporadically.

    From now on I'll never ride in surf again. Maybe I got too deep (it never went above the deck but maybe just below it, but there's too many factors that could mess up my baby (sand, water, heat, etc.). Pretty bummed. Hope I get a quick email and can see what the procedures are for sending it back.

  • Same experience I had minus popping sounds after it would not charge. I have to assume this happened at the time plug in for both of us. The beach isn't the problem or wet conditions I'm guessing. It's the combination of a charging port that is not 100% clean and dry and a power cord that is disabling the board. If so I hope fm starts shipping with and selling port plugs and also giving more details on how to properly keep this from happening. It is not a coincidence that this happened to both of us under very similar circumstances. They have made the boards successfully water and element resistant as proof by most experiences but the button getting crunchy with crap in it and the charging port seem like they may be the weak points.

  • @Franky I found out that the popping sound is an LED light that has moisture in that cell. I learned that last night while I was taking the footpads off to clean it. Moisture in the cells just doesn't seem right since I didn't get mine too wet. I'm leaving mine in front of a fan just to see if I can dry it out some.

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