Purchasing a dead XR?

  • Hi all,

    Been PM'd over on reddit about potentially purchasing an XR that I tried guiding a fellow floater through diagnosing since it wasn't turning on. I already own one but love fixing things so fixing a OW sounds fun.

    They've been sitting on it for a while unable to swallow the costs of getting it repaired since they believe the controller and battery are dead (motor is fine with a new tyre on it). When we checked it over the comments it looked to be a failed BMS due to liquid damage that drained the cells pretty much to 0v across all cells (yikes). Not sure why they believe the controller is also dead unless they got that checked by a third party hen getting quotes for repair.

    My issue is they're in the US and I'm in the UK so shipping might cost as much as they want for the dead board. Ideally I'd like the whole thing minus the cells (since they're useless and will causing issues shipping) so I can try fault finding the dead components to bring her back to life.

    Anyone got any advice or had any experience shipping a OW or something of similar size/weight from US to UK?

    If not... anyone in the UK got a dead board they'd want to sell me to tinker with ;p

    <3 Lia

  • More info, turns out the controller isn't dead (or at least hasn't been verified) but just the BMS and cells.

    BMS fault is likely to be corrosion across the 63v rail at the connector, anything else may just be a component level repair. Cell replacement should be simple providing I wire up the connector wright with new thermistors for temperature monitoring.

    Waiting on a quote for shipping as of yet. Fingers crossed US to UK shipping for 13kg in a box the size of a Onewheel isn't ridiculous.

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