Pint randomly stops and nosedives

  • Re: Pint stopped on me tossing me and my 🍻?

    I had the same thing happen. I was cruising in a strait line under the pushback speed, probably around 13mph on flat pavement when my pint came to an immediate stop and nosedive. There was no warning and it happened out of nowhere. I flew off forward and shattered my elbow badly. Had 3 surgeries and my arm will never be the same. I just couldn't trust the ow after that. The board only had about 30 miles on it. I talked to support and they ran me through the usual steps of checking the footpad, sending in videos and diagnostics. The board is in perfect working condition and it seemed like the support person was kind of mad at me and a little skeptical. Not too sure what to do at this point. They said I could send it in but I'd have to pay 80$. My surgeries and medical bills cost over $100,000.00 Use at your own risk.

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